Mr. Jamiu Omoniyi: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

By Deyemi Saka

Francesca “Frankie” Sutton is a Los Angeles bank teller who is fired after a robbery, because she recognized one of the robbers, although she did not personally know him. Frankie goes to work at Luther’s Janitorial Services with her three best friends, Lida “Stony” Newsom, Cleopatra “Cleo” Sims, and Tisean “T.T.” Williams. Luther treats them with disrespect and pays them paltry wages.

Tired of working a low-paying job, Cleo states that they should rob a bank themselves. Frankie agrees, but Stony and T.T. are reluctant. However, when Stony’s younger brother is gunned down by the police in a case of mistaken identity and T.T.’s son is taken away from her by Child Protective Services, they too now have the motivation to join the robbery. This is the plot of the 1996 Hollywood production called “Set it off” which has Jada Pinkett(Smith) Queen Latifah and Vivaca . A . Fox as part of the cast. What is relevant to me is the death of Stony’s younger brother arisen from mistaken identity. This affirms how a case of mistaken identity has ruined career, dreams, and above all; caused the death of many. 

This is one reason I must commend the effort of Mr Jamiu Omoniyi, the Honourable Commissioner for  Housing whose picture was erroneously circulated in place of the dishonourable Comissioner for Enviroment Abiodun Abudu Balogun who is in the centre of an allegation of sexual assault of a minor. 

In a total departure from what has become the norm for public office holders, politically expose persons and prominent personalities to ignore such bad press with a mindset that such will fizzle away when it loses traction, Mr Jamiu Omoniyi demonstrated huge understanding of importance of   perception on reputation and brand management.

His “push back” was prompt and effective through constant monitoring. Every media outlet which “goofed” were contacted and had to issue a corrigendum, a retraction or apology. 

Looking back, I have hope that PR and Reputation and Brand Management will be taken seriously in Nigeria. 

I am glad this case of mistaken identity will not ruin the reputation and life of Mr. Jamiu Omoniyi.

Deyemi Saka.

Lead Partner,

Lambert and Curtis

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