Onisiwo Family Tackles Sanwo-Olu, Says Review Of Lagos State Chieftaincy Law Not Necessary

The Olori Ebi of Onisiwo Family, Pa Sikiru Akanni Oduwole, has condemned the proposed review of Chieftaincy Laws by Lagos State Government.

He said the proposed review of the Obas and Chiefs of Law of 2015 by the Ministry of Justice “is needless” since the Director, Aderinsola Olanrewaju, said the legislation was a good law.

“So, why the need to review at this present time of hardship and insecurity in the state?  What is so paramount and demanding for this proposed  review amid various contentions afflicting the state ?  

“This should not be the relevant concern of the state amid more  grave matters affecting our lives . Indeed we live in a very fragile time. 

“Dabbling  into Chieftaincy matters now is tantamount  to provoking more problems for the state.   Reviewing Chieftaincy matters now is rather suspicious  and even dangerous.   All government needs to do is to be sincere and stop putting non family members as Obas or Chiefs.

“It is the responsibility of the family to select and appoint their bonafide sons to the throne through their Olori-Ebi and the selected person to be accepted by the government.

“Enough is enough for the government to be involved in family chieftaincy matter”.

Chief  Oduwole also appealed to other ruling houses in Lagos State  to  speak out against the way the Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs is meddling with the Chieftaincy Law.

“It is unfortunate that  anyone  can basically scheme his way to  the Royal Stool as long as you are close to power.  This does not bode  well for our heritage .  

This   Is  the anomaly  that is  threatening our  tradition in Lagos State  today and if care is not taken, we will be opening a Pandora’s box where a  non- indigenous  person can  lay claim  to  the traditional stool of our forefathers”,  Chief Oduwole observed.

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