Tunde Thomas:Why The Dead Must Speak…..

By Deyemi Saka

We grew up with the assertion that once a person is dead, it is the end of Communications between the dead and the living. It did not take long for this age long belief to be ditched as we have seen many dead speak to the living. 

There was a time  wills and testaments were written, and was always contested, disputed and in some instances altered until the dead decided they must speak.

 It is now common happenstance to see an audio-visual recording where the deceased stated how his/her estate should be administered after his/demise. Nigerians soon embraced this and accept the new norm that the dead do speak when they transcended to the great beyond. 

When the news of the sad death of Tunde Thomas became public knowledge, it did not take long before a mischievous speculation was widely circulated and has now assumed the position of the truth. With this unfortunate events, many lives are almost ruined if not ruined, but two sets of people are the worst hit; Late Tunde’s family and those two beautiful kids.

There is need for Late Tunde to speak up either through a trusted friend or siblings who can put an end to the lies in circulation and let Tunde truly rest in peace. 

I want to let those close to Late Tunde know  that TD Cole is not the only one capable of stringing conspiracies or mischief together, a lot of people can, and when they start, healing will be too far from his aged mother, siblings and friends to achieve.

People can get speculative and start asking “other questions”. Questions like; “are we sure it was not a discovery about his mistress which caused his cardiac arrest? “What if there is an ongoing external audit at his office which will reveal his many under the table dealings?”, “What if he stumbled on his mistress in a compromising situation?”,  “What if he was killed?,  and “What if it was suicide?” If all these become talking point, the good memory of Late Tunde which mischief makers assumed they were preserving will be hugely disparaged.

What if those kids are truly biological children of Late Tunde, do we imagine the damage it eternally do to them? 

Let someone close to Tunde speak up and give us all closure. Let them tell us there was no paternity dispute, and o divorce process. Let someone tell us that Late Tunde and Moyo were separated and Tunde has accepted fate and was about moving on before his unfortunate death.

 Let them speak up so the general public will let the good memory of Tunde be and allow the family mourn their loss with utmost respect to their privacy.

Let the dead speak to us over this matter, if not for anything, for the sake of those innocent children who never asked to be dragged into this mess.

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