Those Who Want Nigeria To Disintegrate Shall Die—Bakare

By Sarah Adegboyega

For two consecutive Sundays now, the Serving Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church (CGGC), Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has not failed to pronounce ‘death sentences’ on those who are trying to disintegrate and throw the country into a state of anarchy. 

Amidst by various social political groups across the country for each of the major tribes to go its separate ways, Bakare 

said heaven has declared ‘death sentences’ on those who do not want Nigeria to progress and in his opinion, Nigeria’s mess will soon be turned to a miracle.

In his words, “the Lord will wipe away the tears of this nation and nincompoops and idiots will not rule us anymore.” 

Quoting copiously from the Bible, the Book of Isaiah 8:9-10, the cleric declared that “everyone ganging up against the future of Nigeria shall be broken in pieces and shattered.” 

He prayed that God will not allow enchanters to stand against the nation and that their blood sacrifices will no longer be effective for its purposes.

Stressing further, Bakare said that “this country will not go into disintegration; not under my watch; for for this purpose I’m born.” He however, encouraged Nigerians to be beacons of light and that we should stop saying negative things about the country.  

He again believed that the past and present blunders of our leaders will not affect the future of our nation.

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