NDLEA Arrests ‘Notorious Trafficker’ With Parcels Of Cocaine, Heroin Bound For UK, Ireland, Australia

 By Bukar Bolori 

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA has intercepted hard drugs bound for United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Australia, Maldives and New Zealand.

The agency also arrested a suspect, Sikiru Owolabi believed to be behind the transporting of some of the drugs.

A statement by the Director, Media & Advocacy, NDLEA, Femi Babafemi on Tuesday said well-concealed and unaccompanied parcels of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and cannabis sativa being shipped to the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Australia, Maldives and New Zealand have been intercepted.

He said “a notorious trafficker, Sikiru Owolabi, who is behind at least two of the parcels has been traced and arrested after days of thorough and systematic surveillance by NDLEA operatives.”

He disclosed that undercover narcotic agents attached to two international courier companies in Lagos made the seizures.

Babafemi said Sikiru Owolabi, who has made useful confessions during interrogations, was tracked after a kilogramme of cocaine concealed in cream containers and meant for Dublin in Northern Ireland was intercepted at one of the courier firms in Lagos. 

He said this was also followed by the discovery of another 200 grammes of cocaine meant for London, United Kingdom in the same courier company.

Babafemi said in another undercover operation, 320 grammes of heroin concealed in earrings coming from Congo and going to Australia was seized at a different courier firm in Lagos, just as another 390 grammes of cocaine hidden in men’s clothing and going to Northern Ireland was intercepted in the same company.

He also disclosed that 500 grammes of cannabis sativa concealed in automobile parts going to New Zealand was seized at one of the courier companies, 200 grammes of methamphetamine hidden inside an award plaque and going to New Zealand, with another 200 grammes of methamphetamine concealed in a book and going to Maldives, were equally intercepted in another firm.

The NDLEA spokesman said beside the arrest of Owolabi, efforts are ongoing to track and arrest other traffickers behind the other unaccompanied illicit drugs packaged as parcels for shipment to Europe.

He said the Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (Retd) has commended the men and officers involved in the operations to frustrate attempts by drug barons and traffickers to ship illicit drugs overseas through unaccompanied parcels. 

Marwa said: “I ask all our men and officers involved in the various overt and covert operations across the country to continue with the ongoing offensive action until we chase the criminal elements out of their illicit and damaging trade.”

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