Easter: Nigeria Needs Regeneration— Daniel

“The significance of the Easter celebration is about regeneration, sacrifice, penitence and repentance. All are what Nigeria needs at this point in time.

“No doubt, our great country needs a rebirth and regeneration in practically all its spheres; social, economic and political. 

“We should therefore be ready to make the necessary sacrifices in great submission to the will of the Almighty for the greatness of our nation.”

These are words of encouragement by former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga in his Easter message to Nigerians on Saturday.

Otunba Daniel advised Nigerians to take note of the time that we are in, especially in strict observance to the safety and protective guidelines against Covid-19 infections so that they can keep safe.

“We should not  be deceived that the pandemic has gone; it is very much here with us and as citizens, all of us still have to take responsibilities for our actions. It is therefore advised that we celebrate in moderation and keep all safety protocols.

“There is great hope for our country Nigeria, and all of us have a duty and responsibility to make all the necessary sacrifices for its greatness. There is a reason for the Easter Season and that is about sacrifice which leads to regeneration, Nigeria can greatly benefit from these great lessons.”

OGD Media Office


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