Lagos: Living In A Squalor Of A Mega City…….Oko Agbon Residents Beamon Their Fate

……Say Govt Has Abandoned Them

For residents of Oko Agbon In Mainland Local Government area of Lagos state, the waiting game continues. Successive governments in Lagos state May have abandoned them to their fate. In fact, when the Missionary House led by its servant leader, Dr. Rotimi Olokodana visited and promised to help in the area of water so that the residents will be free from water bone diseases such as Typhoid , Diarrhea etal, the Community leader, Chief Anthony said they never believed, having received such promises in the past only to turn out as tantalizing mirage. 

When eventually, the Missionary House fulfilled its pledge and commissioned the borehole penultimate Saturday, an elated Chief Anthony like Oliver Twist asked for more. 

Though, Olokodana and his team are working on how to establish schools which the community leader consider as the topmost priority for the pupils in the area, most of who are presently out of school, but there’s a limit to what Water of Jesus Foundation, an arm of Missionary House can do because of the limited resources.

A resident who craves anonymity said, “ but for the grace of God, we would have been sent away from this place when government came. Instead of the state Government to help us recreate this place so that we can feel a sense of belonging, they want to send us away from our ancestral home. We had to rush to federal High Court to stop the state government from sending us away from here.”

According to another resident, successive administrations in the state have not deemed it fit to bring development to Oko Agbon, rather they want to send us away.

Oko Agbon is traditionally the home of Egun from Badagry, one of the five divisions in Lagos. Their main occupation is fishing because they are close to the Atlantic Ocean. That’s why they built shanties and live atop the ocean in a makeshift houses. And because of population explosion without the commensurate development by the state government over the years, the people live in a squalor. A visit to the place will create a lasting impression on the visitor that a indigenous community could be so deprived of some basic needs such as schools, Housing and quality healthcare. A primary school that was constructed by UNICEF some years ago very close to the Ocean can barely cope because of the population of the pupils. The living conditions of residents of Oko Agbon is too demeaning for a state as rich as Lagos.

Ironically, Lagos state declared N127billion as its Internally generated revenue for 2021 Q1. With the wave of development across the state by Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, the Residents might be lucky this time around because of the state helmsman pledge to work for the entire people living in Lagos.

Will Sanwo-Olu Walk the talk and break the jinx or pass the buck like his predecessors? Definitely, time will tell. 

Living in a squalor of a mega city
Pastor Wole
Dug Out canoes use for fishing by the residents
Some of the makeshift houses where residents live
Chief Anthony & Dr Olokodana during the commissioning of the Missionary House borehole
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