Alleged Sexual Harassment: Stop Acting Like Law Unto Yourself, Ex-Lawmaker Tells Ekiti Attorney General

A former member of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dr Samuel Omotoso, has told the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Wale Fapounda to stop acting like he is law unto himself by ordering the police to join in his obvious persecution of perceived opponents of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government in the state, even in matters already before the court.

Omotoso, who insisted that Fapounda and his collaborators were using the 15-year old girl as a tool for political persecution, added that “Since the girl’s mother has approached the court, seeking an order to regain custody of her daughter, the Attorney General will have to go and tell the court under which law he abducted a girl from her guardian and hold her hostage for close to two months.”

The former lawmaker said he was not afraid of being investigated, adding that “In this case, the Attorney General is acting as the complainant, investigator, prosecutor and the judge and as such, I have taken the matter to the  Federal High Court, Ado Ekiti since Tuesday,  June 15, 2021. The suit Number FHC/AD/CS/25/2021, in which the Police Service Commission, Inspector General of Police,  Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Mr Wale Fapounda, Principal of Christ Girls School, Mrs Esan Oluremi Agbaje and others are defendants is already known to all the defendants, having been duly served. 

“Also, counsel to the mother of the girl in question also informed me that he had also file a suit number HAD/50/2021 at the State High Court, Ado Ekiti, against the Ekiti State Government, the Attorney General and the Principal of Christ Girls Secondary School and others for the abduction of her daughter without her consent and subsequent keeping her out of her reach for two months.”

He said “the Attorney General has continued with his lies by saying that they got a protective order to keep the girl after seeing evidence (s) contained in the court papers served on him, in his attempt to regularize his regular misuse of powers and abuse of the law? The question is, protective order from which court? 

“They abducted the girl since April 26, 2021 and kept her away from her mother ever since without her consent, and the court resumed on  June 15, 2021. So on whose order did he keep the girl away from her mother since April 26?”

Dr Omotoso’s statement read in part; “My attention has been drawn to a publication in some newspapers of today, where the Ekiti State Attorney General, whose has turned himself to ‘My Persecutor-in-chief,’ Mr Wale Fapounda claimed to have ordered the Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Mr Tunde Mobayo to probe me, my wife, my pastor, the abducted girl’s mother, her brother and others on the false allegation against me.

“This is despite the matter already being in both Federal and Ekiti State High Court as filled by me and the lawyer to the girl’s mother respectively, to the knowledge of the Attorney General, since he has been served since Tuesday, 15th of June, 2021. 

“It is quite unfortunate and derogatory that our Police has been reduced to the point of being ordered around by the Attorney General of Ekiti State, who is the brain behind my political travail and persecution as known to the general public in several publications and releases on the matter. 

“It is quite preposterous for the Attorney General, the custodian of the rule of law to throw caution to the winds in his desperation to nail me at all cost. 

“It is obvious that the served court papers and the testimonies therein threw the Attorney General into a frenzy as seen during his political vituperations against me to the press yesterday, which was clearly laced with malevolence and malignity.

“The Attorney General has tried severally in the past to coarse and coopt the girl’s mother into their sinister plans against me and had failed, at a time using sponsored APC members to physically assault the woman in her village and now, he has resulted to political intimidation and harassment, using the Police, in a matter pending before competent courts and in which the Police and the Attorney General himself are defendants and have been duly served.

“This is a sad day for democracy and the rule of law in Ekiti State. I call on the Ekiti State NBA to please call the Attorney General to order.  

“It is on record that the Attorney General has been boasting of his capacity and determination to run me and my family out of Ekiti state, ahead of his consideration and ambition to become governor at all cost in 2022 and in his desperate attempt to impress the powers that be. 

“I hereby inform the general public that this matter is already in court and the Police in Ekiti State as well as the Attorney General are defendants in the matter and they have been duly served since Tuesday, 15 of June 2021, therefore if anything happens to me, my wife and my children, the Ekiti State Attorney General and the Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, should be held responsible. 

“When footages of CCTV camera on the invasion of a hotel in Ado Ekiti on October 24, 2020, NY known thugs of the State Government under which Fapohunda in the Chief Law Officer, he did not go about ordering the police to investigate the crime. He kept silent, probably because he knew about the crime. Sadly, the same thugs went to Omuo Ekiti during a House of Assembly by-election and killed five people, including a promising police woman.

“The several petitions written by me on threats to my life are still there with the Police but the Attorney General will not allow them to professionally look into it.

“I also call on well meaning Nigerians to advised the Attorney General to drop his desperation to punish the girl’s mother, a widow,  and her brother in his attempt to force them to change their damning testimonies on the false allegation against me. 

“Since the Attorney General already have access to the evidences against their lies which he saw in the court papers after being served, he has been acting rancorously, while trying very hard to overreach the court of law, window-shopping for evidences against me. 

“The Ekiti State Attorney General cannot be the conspirator-in-chief, the complainant, the political persecutor, the police pressure pot and police controller, the spokesperson and the judge in a case where he is clearly an interested party. Nemo judex in cause sua.”

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