Nigerian Military Did Not Encounter Beast With Human Body in Benue- PRNigeria Fact-Checking

The claim that a mysterious beast with canine head and human body surfaced in Benue State but has been neutralized by troops, is false and misleading, a PRNigerian fact-checking exercise has revealed.

Social Media reports claimed a mysterious beast with the head of a canine and body of a human, maimed 4 residence including a Nigerian Airforce Personnel.

According to the reports, the beast, however, was neutralized by troops of Operation Whirlstroke, in Benue State.

A Press Release purportedly signed by  one AVM AY MAIGAIDA the ‘Director of Public Media, Defence Headquarters’ claims that a Mysterious Beast with the head of a canine and body of a human, has maimed 4 residence including a Nigerian Airforce Personnel in Benue State but was eventually neutralized by troops of Operation Whirlstroke.

However, a general keyword search on various search engines by PRNigeria reveals that there is no such office as the “Office of Public Media” in the Defence Headquarters’ as indicated in the fake release.

This was also double-checked with Communication Officers of the Defence Headquarters’ and it was gathered that the name of the Officer in the Department of Defense Information (DDI), who is in Public Relations is not spelt as ‘Maigaida’ but ‘Maigida’ and the only officer with similar name is Air Commodore WM Maigida of the Department of Defence Information which indicates that even the mentioned rank is misleading as he is not an AVM.

PRNigeria also subjected the touted video that accompanied the press release to forensic Investigation, and it further reveals that it was doctored as the original video was from a Portuguese film “Lobisomem Morto a Tiros.”

Additionally, the supposed press release did not come with a date which is an unconventional practice in press release and distribution.

By PRNigeria

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