Leaders Of Conscience, NC Front Condemns Invasion Of Sunday Igboho’s Home

Leaders of Conscience under the auspices of Nigeria Consultative Front, NCFront jointly led by Former Speaker of House of Representatives, Rt Hon Ghali Na’aba and Former Presidential Candidate, Prof Pat Utomi wish to condemn in the strongest terms the midnight invasion, attack, murder, maiming and abduction carried out today by the Nigerian military and Operatives of the Department of Secret Services, DSS against defenceless and Innocent citizens at the Ibadan home of a Frontline Yoruba Self determination Activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo a k a Igboho over his rally for self determination for the Yorubas in Nigeria

We wish to state unequivocally that the current military attack against Sunday Adeyemo and other self determination Activists, at this delicate period of Nigeria, is wrong headed, reckless and uncalled, for as as experiences around the world have shown, it’s capable of foisting unwanted civilian guerilla actions against the Nigerian State given the unprovoked ruthless use of naked force and bestiality to drive unarmed citizens underground.

The NCFront again perceives the midnight gun attack of Sunday Igboho’s residence and dastardly murder of his family members as nothing but reckless abuse of power and violation of Sunday Igboho’s privacy and fundamental human rights, which should be condemned by all well meaning Nigerians and citizens of conscience. So, this abuse of state power shall be taken up by NCFront’s National Secretariat before the International Court of Justice, ICJ in due course.

Similarly, we wish to warn General Muhammadu Buhari led Regime to immediately desist from running Nigeria as a police state having allowed the country to slip into a Criminal Enterprise at the brink of total collapse and civil war. Therefore, we demand the fair and careful handling of the matter and trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB Leader, especially the respect of his fundamental human rights while in the custody of the Nigerian Government.

Finally, we wish to task the Nigerian Federal Government to immediately put machinery in place to restore national understanding, cohesion, harmony, stability, peace and prosperity by urgently convening a national justice and reconciliation meeting of key stakeholders of the diverse strata and facets of the country. The Buhari Government should however note that nothing could restore peace and stability to the country as much as the official embrace of a people’s constituents’ assembly and referendum to decide how Nigerians want to democratically coexist and run their political affairs constitutionally as the ongoing constitution amendments by the national assembly can barely save the country from pervasive insecurity and anarchy rocking its foundation.

Olawale Okunniyi

 (Veteran Che)


National Secretary

National Consultative Front, NCFront

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