“The State Of Media Freedom In Nigeria” NUJ Accuses Buhari’s Administration Of Impunity

A report detailed atrocities, murder, torture and rights abuse of journalists practising in Nigeria, has indicted the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari,  State Governors,  National Assembly, politicians,  security agencies, among others.  

The report tagged: “The State of Media Freedom in Nigeria”, and released by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Media Foundation for West Africa, at a press conference in Abuja, focused primarily on the last six years of President Buhari.  The report listed journalists killed and whose deaths were yet to be resolved. It also listed journalists harassed by State actors and beaten up in their line of duty. Media houses harassed by security operatives were not spared from the indictment.  National President of NUJ, Chris Isiguzo, while speaking on the contents of the report, said practising in Nigeria is becoming a dangerous venture. He bemoaned the repeated harassment of journalists.  Part of the report read: “Politicians have realised that to acquire power, either through legitimate means or through outright manipulations, they need to obtain the connivance of the media. And politicians and political office holders also know that to retain power, they require the support of the media, ditto those who wish to ascend to power.  “Even those whose positions are threatened suddenly realise the need to pocket the media. These elements have compounded the problems of the media. The media in Nigeria have suffered a number of setbacks over the years, with the obvious but unsuccessful attempts by the government to control them. There are equally increased harassment and killings of journalists in the country.  “These acts are daily causing frustrations among media professionals in the country. Politicians, both in and out of government are increasingly filing legal cases against journalists who especially report on allegations of corruption, while security operatives have been used to block access for reporters in several areas.  “Acts of impunity against journalists,…

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