Moral Decadence And Sexual Assault, By Nifemi Oriola

    We now hear stories of rapists and we sit still about it, gone are the days when penalties were meted out to these criminals of moral and sexual assualt.

    We now  have a nation where a man of fifty-six now has carnal knowledge of a six-year old and this is continually the case. However, there are lots of bars and pubs where commercial sex workers thrive and these sex addicts can easily get their satisfaction from, because I don’t understand why should a twelve year old be a victim of a man who cannot control his thing between his legs or go to patronize a sex worker if it cannot be controlled. 

     Why should a young girl have her future truncated because of a sex-driven man. And we complain of corruption, the similarity between a corrupt politician and a rapist is that they are both corrupting a system. While a self-centred politician is corrupting the nation’s resources and finances, a rapist is corrupting the victim’s morals and body. 

     Such victim usually the girl child, now goes through life thinking “all men are scum”. She probably resolves not to get married not to talk of a relationship and becomes stone-hearted towards males.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not have any aversion whatsoever towards the male folks, all I am emphasizing is the need to stop sexual assualt.

What to do:- There is need for parents to sensitize their male children on the effects of sexual assualt to the moral and social well being of the girl child.

You may want to chip in that the girls should also dress decently, but, what of those men that have carnal knowledge of a two-month old, what are we going to do about that?

So, it starts from parental responsibility, be good role models to your children and teach them that every person’s body should be respected.

Also, dressing decently is also a key aspect.

       *  Sexual assualt is a moral decadence on the victim.

       *  It should be stopped

       *  And the world will be better for us all.

                               Nifemi Oriola. 


                                        Ogun state,


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