Gboleru Ruling House Presents Prince Adesegun As Next Akirun Of Ikirun

The Gboleru Ruling House in Ikirun, Osun State has presented Prince Tajudeen Adesegun Gboleru for the vacant stool of the Akinrun of Ikirun.  

Addressing a press conference in Osogbo, the state capital today on behalf of Gboleru Ruling House, one of the elders from the royal family, Prince Gboyega Olatunji urged the state government to commence the process of appointment and install Prince Tajudeen Adesegun as the new king of the town.

Flanked by the Gboleru Ruling House Youth Leader, Prince Mudasiru Olatunji and the candidate Prince Tajudeen Adesegun at the press conference, Olatunji said it is the turn of Gboleru Ruling House to produce new Akirun. 

The Akirun stool became vacant after the demise of Oba Rauf Olayiwola Adedeji II who joined his ancestors a few months ago.

Gboleru Ruling House said its candidate is very suitable for the Akirun throne, assuring that Prince Tajudeen Adesegun is eminently qualified as new Akirun and that he would move the town to grater heights when he ascend the throne. 

Olatunji said “The Gboleru Ruling House is hereby stating unequivocally that Ikirun has always been known as a peaceful ancient town that has transited from one king to the other in the last 100 years without any crisis. 

“Over the years, the peaceful coexistence among our people has greatly contributed to the more peaceful environment that now prevails.

“The Ikirun people are looking forward to having a King who can exploit the peace among its people to turn around the fortunes of Ikirun land, and hence, any inferior candidate as the next Akinrun of Ikirun will be a calamity and will be strongly opposed and rejected by the traditional King makers in particular and Ikirun people in general.

“Although the next 20 years is fraught with uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances, changes are likely. 

“The Gboleru Ruling House believes that next Akinrun should be a man who is tested in all ramification and has structured plan vision to develop Ikirun as a dynamic, resilient, liveable and inclusive nodal city with strong social, economic, human, and infrastructural base that will significantly sustain the city as a state industrial hub that ensures employment generation especially among youths, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

“The Gboleru Ruling House, which unarguably is next in line to produce the next king, is blessed with many competent professionals of pedigree who are well exposed both locally and internationally to bring the needed development to the town. One of  ery prominent among them is Prince Tajudeen Adesegun Adejumo Gboleru, a business analyst, project coordinator and business owner who has spent the last 20 years solving Complex Business Problems and fuelling multimillion-dollar revenue growth.”

The Gboleru Ruling House further stated, “According to the Ikirun District Chieftaincy Declaration and Gazette of 1959, approved in 1960, re-registered in 1970, which were done during the reign of Late Oba Lawani Adeyemi, and its subsequent versions, especially the Gazette of 1980 signed by late Chief Bola Ige, the former Governor of old Oyo State, during the reign of Late Oba Lawani Adeyemi, there are three ruling houses in Ikirun land. They are Obaara, Adedeji and Gboleru Ruling houses. 

“Oba Lawani Adeyemi Oyejola, from the Obaara ruling house, ruled between 1945 – 1989 after which late Oba Olayiwola Adedeji II, came to the throne from 1991–2021.

It is therefore crystal clear that Gboleru Ruling House out is the next in line to produce the next Akinrun of Ikirun”, he said. 

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