Igboho:Buhari Lawlessness Is Becoming Brazen, Says YGA

The Yoruba Global Alliance,YGA, has decried the lawlessness at which agents of state under President Muhammadu Buhari has subjected the section of the country into white killer Fulani herdsmen walk freely.

YGA In a press release made available to Newsnow on the Invasion of the DSS into the Soka residence of Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho in the early hours of Thursday criticized the agents of state for their lawlessness.

Director of Communications of YGA, Taju Tijani said, “The attention of Yoruba Global Alliance has been drawn to the dawn raid on the Ibadan, Soka premises of Mr Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho Oosha on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

 “We gathered that a detachment of about 100 heavily armed men in army uniform and Directorate of State Security Services (DSSS) operatives shot their way in, ransacked, damaged, and kidnapped seven people including Mr Sunday Adeyemo’s wife. Two people were killed during the raid and the corpses were taken away.

 “Also, the invaders damaged properties and vehicles running into several millions of naira.

“The DSSS has issued a statement confirming that they carried out the attack on the premises of Mr Sunday Igboho. They glibly paraded the 7 people arrested in the premises, munitions, guns, charms, money, passport, and laptop.

 “The whole nation is aware that Mr Sunday Adeyemo resorted to self-help due to Fulani herdsmen widespread lawlessness, farm invasion, maiming, raping, kidnapping, and killing of Yoruba people in their own ancestral land. 

“All his agitational undertakings had been peaceful and his awareness rallies were conducted without violence, killing or bloodshed.

“The Yoruba Global Alliance unequivocally condemns this irrational surrender to barbarism, lawlessness, and the flagrant abuse of the fundamental human right of Mr Sunday Adeyemo.

 “It is becoming a norm under the Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari that gangsterism, knee jerk reaction, brutality, and suppression of the inalienable right of Nigerians to peaceful protest have become the standard yardstick to measure his administration.”

“In the place of respect for democratic mores, President Muhammadu Buhari has developed a strange fascination for militarism, haughty disdain for other nationalities that form this federation and ongoing state criminality which bothers on dictatorship.” 

“What is becoming evident is the Muhammadu Buhari’s reflex to military diktat at the whiff of opposition and the brazenness of his actions that does not augur well for the peaceful co-existence of the disparate nationalities that form Nigeria. 

“Self determination is a right endorsed by the United Nations and a constitutional guarantee among many nations of the world. So, any fatuous categorisations of self-determinists as criminals and troublemakers run counter to the spirit of democratic liberty.”

“The Yoruba Global Alliance would like to remind Mr President that nations are governed by laws and not by guns. Nigerians cannot be forced to cohere. This provocative and howling insanity must stop.

 “If this administration had pursued bandits, kidnappers, and killer Fulani herdsmen with the same ferocious zeal of brigandage, the insecurity of lives and properties that gave birth to Mr Sunday Adeyemo, Igboho Oosha would have been averted.

“The Yoruba Global Alliance therefore issues a warning to the Federal Government and its over-excited killer squad to resist any attempt to arrest, harm, injure or kill Mr Sunday Adeyemo in the exercise of his fundamental human right as a Nigerian.

“This brazen lawlessness must stop.”

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