Exclusive! National Assembly To Pass Electoral Bill This Week ….Prohibits Electronic Transmission Of Results

The National Assembly is planning to pass the electoral bill this week without allowing electronic transmission of results.

Newsnowonline Investigation revealed that just like the PIB bill, the electoral act is ready but without the necessary clause that will checkmate rigging.

Newsnowonline also gathered that most of the clauses in the amendment passed by 8th senate and was turned down by President Muhammadu Buhari, citing time constraints have also been removed.

Such clause include making the use of SMART CARD READERS mandatory to check incidence of double registration and  fictitious names on the voters register.

Newsnowonline can not confirm whether the proposed clause that will allow underaged girls who are married to be eligible to vote has been inserted to favour a section of the country which is notorious for underage voters.

The chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu is also said to be part of the plan to present a fait accompli on Nigerians that the amendment is a work in progress.

It will be recalled that some Resident Electoral Commissioners who wanted the election transmitted electronically to check rigging almost got into a serious trouble after 2019 general elections when Prof. Yakubu said there was no such provision before the election.

Ironically, Resident Electoral Commissioner of Akwa Ibom, Mr. Mike Igini has told Channelstv that the INEC has perfected and test run how to transmit the 2019 election results electronically. 

The delay in passing the electoral act as promised in the first quarter of 2021 is to foreclose the idea of reworking it because of the envisaged public outcry after the passage.

According to the inside source, “the NASS will pass the electoral act this week and proceed on its annual vacation, so the idea of any adjustments until after 2023 general elections because of time constraints won’t be feasible. They delay it till this time knowing full well that people

will protest  because of certain clauses that will not bode well with having free and fair elections to have been inserted.” He said.

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