EURO 2020: A Sausage Psychic Dog’s Predictions

…Tips Italy To Defeat Spain

A sausage dog has made its prediction as to who will win the first game of the Euro 2020 championship, which is due to take place on Friday evening. The dachsund, known as ‘The Psychic Sausage’, was presented with a choice of spaghetti bolognese and kuzu sis (a lamb kebab), representing first match teams Italy and Turkey respectively. The pup’s prediction – revealed in the video – would be whichever bowl it chose to eat from.‘The Psychic Sausage’ isn’t the first animal to predict the Euros. An octopus named Paul gained worldwide attention after correctly guessing matches in 2010.

The sausage psychic dog has predicted that Italy will beat Spain today to advance to the final.

Source : Independent 

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