Yomi Fabiyi’s Indiscretional “Oko Iyabo”

By Olawale Olaleye

For the record, I like Yomi Fabiyi. He’s though not my friend, I’d however seen him a few times at different gatherings, where we exchanged pleasantries. 

And, like I once said to some of my friends, we all need a Yomi Fabiyi in our lives – a friend who’d stand with and by us no matter the situation. 

But something must not be found wanting in such a relationship and it is the ability and capacity to speak the truth to each other. 

The Yoruba say we can’t be friends but still unable to tell each other the truth. How much of the truth has Yomi said to Baba Ijesha in this allegation of obvious sexual molestation of an acclaimed minor? 

To now go a step further to making a film from the situation, when the matter is still on and in court is a deliberate attempt to tamper with the facts of the case, because you’re simply trying to push a certain narrative for an intended end. 

That’s not good enough. Whatever you and the others have accused Iyabo Ojo of with her supposed excesses in the matter, you have done more and worse with this ill-timed, baseless, needless and mischievous movie titled Oko Iyabo. 

Yomi, this movie was not well advised and could further mark you down. 

It’s obvious, even to the blind, that the elders in the industry were unhappy with Iyabo and co, possibly because they didn’t exercise requisite discretion in fighting a just cause. Their actions afterwards attested to this insinuation. 

But with this movie, you have done a much worse damage to a social ill in the desperation to save the face of a friend and colleague. 

Your storyline cannot resonate with an averagely sensible person and might have vitiated your otherwise veiled stance in the matter ab initio. Whoever advised that you do this is part of the collective enemy of the society and take it to the bank: there’ll be a day after. 

Much as I am convinced that the “whole truth” in the allegation against Baba Ijesha has not really come out and from both parties, your role too would be documented and told some day, including in the court. 

You just overreached yourself!

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