Just In: Anti-Party: Crisis Rocks Kwara APC As Lai Mohammed’s Faction Moves To Expel Governor AbdulRasaq

Being Text of Press Conference Addressed By Kwara State Branch of APC, At The Party Secretariat, No. 26, Reservation Road, Ilorin, Kwara State, Thursday, July 8, 2021

Gentlemen of the Press,

It has become expedient to address you this morning about the latest development in the political bickering that has plagued our great party since assumption of office by Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq.

It is no longer news that Mall. Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq has been running the affairs of the State only with his family members and a few cronies, to the exclusion of the Party and the people whose sweat and blood produced his electoral victory in 2019. 

To everybody’s surprise, the Governor’s lexicon of reward has been castigation, cheap blackmail, character assassination and incitement, against and among the leadership as-well-as rank and file of our party.

Governor AbdulRasaq’s actions, inactions and body language that are encapsulated in taciturnity, are loaded with aggressive hostility and pleasant insults to Party elders and his imaginary adversaries.

Fast forward, gentlemen of the press. You will recall that Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq seized the occasion of a book launch to throw verbal missiles and scurrilous language against the person and the office of the Hon. Minister of Information and Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed when he made a wild and slanderous allegation of mismanagement of campaign funds for 2019 elections that was fought and won, fair and square, by our party. 

Here is a complainant who had publicly admitted that he contributed not a dime to the electioneering campaign funds, nor ever assisted in the day-to-day running of the party in the State. Yoruba proverb asks: “If anyone could point fingers of blame at a wash man, could it be the one that wets bed?”

We are put out of countenance by the Governor’s display of incivility and the exposure of our Party to public odium and disrepute by not exploring the party’s internal mechanism to address whatever issues in contention.

Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq’s cup of injustice to party members and his anti-party activities are overflowing and has reached an anticlimax that has turned the party to rags and tatters. Below is the catalogue of a few charges:-

1). He factionalized the party by floating a group called AA.

2) He tricked the party state executives, after several failed attempts to a parley at Kwara hotel which was masterminded by him to remove the state chairman, Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa.

3). He sponsored assault and battery on party leaders and members at a meeting, organised  by the Registration Committee at State Banquet Hall, Ilorin.

4). He sent his thugs to assault party loyalists at a meeting in Shao, MORO LGA and at Lafiagi, Edu LGA.

5). He willfully prevented teeming masses from getting registered or get their membership revalidated. 

6). He aided and abated one Mall. Abdullahi Sanmari to impersonate the position and functions of the State’s Caretaker Chairman of the Party.

7). This impostor, Sanmari Abdullahi who is without lawful authority, has been making inflammatory statements to embarrass Alh. Lai Mohammed, who in collaboration with other leaders, led the party to victory that we all celebrate today.

Gentlemen of the press, in the light of the above, we hereby advise Mall. Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq to desist from this anti party, otherwise, the party may have no option than to apply the provisions of Article 21 of the APC Constitution on him.

We would not hesitate to keep the public posted as we make progress on the disciplinary exercise.

Thank you very much.

*©️Barr. Oladimeji Mustapha

State Legal Adviser

APC Caretaker Committee,

Kwara State.

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