Widow Of Bola Omoteso Petitions Bergen County, Demands Justice

In a heartfelt petition to The Surrogate – Michael Dressler and the Prosecutor – Mark Musella the Widow of Bola Omoteso, Omolola Famuyiwa, also referred to as as Omolola Omoteso, demands justice in a matter where the Bergen County Surrogates Court acted wrongly by communicating with conmen from Nigeria, allowed them to bring a case after statutes of limitation and handed over properties to Caucasian attorneys – Geoffrey Mueller and Jenny Flom, acting fraudulently for the conmen who are Nigerian lawyers.

While The Surrogate asked for a meeting to be scheduled, the Sheriff without any investigation claims he sees no fraud. May someone let the Sheriff know he was not put in the role to merely rationalise issues but to investigate. Sadly, the only person charged with the responsibility of scheduling the meeting with the Surrogate – Jason Dale, has suddenly become AWOL (absent with out leave).

Omoteso, Omolola & Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

Presently, Wells Fargo Bank NA who already took over two properties (one through Fay Servicing LLC) is in court to take another property. Jenny Flom of Cole Schotz flipped the $1.65M Edgewater property to her friend or lover Angelo Scott for less than 800,000$ and most likely compensated conmen and attorneys for a job well done.

This is a petition to request investigation on the matter of widow [and estate] fraud, impersonation and financial crime by attorneys, judges, court staff, realtors and others in the matter of my husband, Bola Omoteso (Deceased).

Via misrepresenting the truth, Geoffrey Mueller filed a lawsuit after Statutes of Limitation barring this to represent two conmen who are attorneys in Nigeria to defraud me of an Estate valued at $4.5M. Those involved and how they are linked are as follows:

Adeleke Omoteso, attorney in Nigeria

Adeleke Omoteso (who may be of half, NOT full blood to Bola Omoteso) misrepresented that he was chosen as co-administrator in Nigeria and presented false documents that Omolola Famuyiwa as Omolola Omoteso applied for Letters of Administration in Nigeria to set in motion the fraud. If this were true, jurisdiction for this case would be Nigeria NOT Bergen County. At no time was Adeleke Omoteso made a co-administrator and at no time did I file any application in Nigeria. To influence documentation, Adeleke Omoteso moved Bola Omoteso’s corpse from one Local Government Area to another in Nigeria. Adeleke impounded all we own in Nigeria including Mercedes Benz valued at $10,000, properties valued at $15,000 ad inheritance valued at about $150,000.

Olubunmi Omoteso, banker in Nigeria

She previously assisted Bola Omoteso with fund transfer from Nigeria and so had his electronic signature, which they used to evil advantage. What the Bergen County Surrogates Court never investigated is the fact that documents obtained were made possible through a doctored death certificate and doctored autopsy result collected by Olubunmi, Adeleke’s wife. She never gave these documents to Omolola Famuyiwa but instead handed them over to her husband who used them fraudulently via Iseoluwa Abiodun-Johnson who impersonated me to apply for probate in NG.

Iseoluwua Abiodun Johnson, attorney in Nigeria

He entered into discussion with the Surrogates Court by alleging that he was representing me but the Bergen Surrogates Court never informed me yet discussed with him and others like Douglas Bern between March 2016 and July 2016. This interaction became a pathway to the filing of a litigation against me, which was admitted past Statutes of Limitation, which barred such.

Theresa Lee, Realtor in New Jersey

Theresa is linked to many short sale advertisements in New Jersey and must be part of a ring. While she is able to get high profile tenants they seem to always be linked to crime and never take good care of properties. Upon hearing that Bola Omoteso passed away, she connived with Danny Arvatz who may be her lover, and Wells Fargo Bank NA to have our property 88A Myrtle Avenue Edgewater NJ flipped when she realized she might no longer be a beneficiary of a short sale.

Daniel (Danny) Arvatz

He was the builder. Theresa denied that she knew him but my investigation shows that she actually worked for him as realtor on the same property, which was sold to my husband as new construction. When I challenged her, she lied that she had disengaged from him because of his shady deals. Danny continued to extort money from Bola Omoteso after the closing many years ahead by threatening to foreclose the property. This is verifiable as I made few of the payments. Before Bola died, he wrote a letter to him to let him know any further extortion will lead him to report to FBI. Upon his death, Theresa gave Danny Arvatz my number and he called to threaten that if I don’t continue to pay him he will make me lose the property. On the day I called the Edgewater Police to stop those who hijacked the property, Danny appeared on the scene with Alan Spira showing that hijack of this property was not unconnected to him. He said to me, “I asked you to pay; you did not, now you lose.”

Alan Spira and Angelo Scott

The broker – Theresa Lee, builder – Danny Arvatz and bank – Wells Fargo Bank NA connived to flip 88A Myrtle Avenue Edgewater to Alan Spira a friend of Danny Arvatz. 88B Myrtle Avenue has been flipped by Wells Fargo’s subsidiary Fay Servicing LLC with the help of Jenny Flom to Jenny Flom’s boyfriend – Angelo Scott, an immigration lawyer with Fragomen who took out insurance on the property ahead of any court order. I believe they are romantically linked because Jenny was in the driver seat of Angelo’s vehicle when I saw them on the property on April 4 or 5, 2019.

Wells Fargo Bank NA

Without a single letter to me as living spouse or administrator, Wells Fargo took over 88A Myrtle Avenue Edgewater NJ and caused the tenant Joseph Budden [the rapper] to make away with 10 months rent which is in excess of $50,000. This bank also transferred the mortgage on 88B to Fay Servicing without due legal process. Wells Fargo despite taking all the equity in 88A has continued to push cases to take other properties – 457A/B Englewood New Jersey 07631 without allowing me to assume ownership or formally take action to save this property as owner. In spite of paying fees for months, Wells Fargo continues to take steps towards foreclosing the property.

Bola’s Gravesite: Medical Negligence or Homicide?

Tenants – Joseph Budden and Imran Jairam

Upon Bola Omoteso’s death, these tenants who already violated their lease by using the property for commercial purpose and having dogs in them, damaged the properties and made away with rent. While Joseph owed 10 months at $5000 per month, Imran NY Bar Owner, owed about 5 months at $5500 per month and thoroughly vandalised the property as he made it an extension of his nude bar in NY. I reported the vandalism at Edgewater Police Office, rather than being well attended to, the officer asked condescendingly if I was sure I had a home in Edgewater. Both parties have refused to pay rent owed because I have no financial means of litigating.

Racial Abuse

Both occupants of 88A and the building beside it continued to verbally abuse and harass me anytime I showed up at the property. Until I was illegally locked out, they called the Police whenever I was sighted. The man in A said to me, “Should I be afraid you may angrily burn down the house… To save my home I wonder how much you would like to sell B…” A was stolen from us! He would also harass me for taxes. The man on the other property (Dan) said to me, “Go away, we don’t want you here, you don’t belong here, you owe money, Jenny Flom told us all about you!” Little wonder they all connived to have me locked out.

Bergen County Surrogates Court (Michael Dressler, Menelaos Toskos, James DeLuca, Chris Hummel, Don Lenner)

Court staff treated me with such indignation to the extent that Menelaos Toskos never followed due process and would shout me down in court or keep me from speaking. A settlement order was signed despite the fact that both parties never agreed. The effect of that is that all I owned was taken away from me and handed over to a ruthless caucasian.

During the settlement session Menelaos Toskos responded, “I would have done the same thing!” When I queried why he was insisting I should allow adeleke omoteso to serve as co-administrator. If the conference room has radio wired in, this is enough reason to investigate this case before someone else does to bring shame to the entire Surrogates Court. I have no doubt his retirement would be marred by his part in this fraud.

It is no surprise that Menelaos Toskos signed an order written by Geoffrey Mueller alone that showed nothing granted to me as the wife of Bola Omoteso. Chris Hummel who compelled me to re-submit the recusal motion as if it was originally submitted late deliberately delayed my request for recusal of Judge Toskos. It is also no surprise that James DeLuca insisted he could not review what Menelaos Toskos did. Should a pact between judges lead to the disenfranchisement and defraudment of a widow?

James DeLuca insisted that he read my briefs and would hurry me through hearings but it was obvious he never read my brief when I deliberately included a request for translator and called his attention to my request when I saw none in court. I asked that on the merit of this, a stay should be granted yet he declined. The fact that my earlier application for stay, which had a return date in 2018, was ignored was minimised. 

Chris Hummel humiliated me again and again. He abused human rights through things like filing my motions late, back dating motions, telling me he trashed my copy of a motion and telling his staff not to accept my motion.

I have submitted a re-issued Death Certificate, which is a key document in this matter since the Plaintiff’s lie rests on debt (a claim which was thrown out previously) and domicile (a fraud he claimed by writing a wrong address on the first death certificate). While the re-issued Death Certificate was accepted by Mr. Don Lenner and signed for, it is yet to be filed. Mr. Lenner would not discuss process with me but instead sarcastically told me to go and consult law books (he said this pointing in the direction of a law library through the window of the Surrogates Court) and ended up collecting a re-issued death certificate, which he decided NOT to file.

The judges and the entire Surrogates Court have exercised a grave abuse of power in the matter of Bola Omoteso. Justice is colourless and genderless. I have given an opportunity to the Surrogates Court to redress this matter on the merit. Such abuse has as been meted to me is why some commit suicide or decide to engage in mass shooting. It is HATE to wilfully defraud a widow because you have the power to and those who are not led by God usually have one response to HATE, HURT. 

Edgewater and Englewood Police

On the day I arrived to see I was locked out, I arrived to insist on sleeping in my driveway pending resolution. Jenny Flom and her boyfriend Angelo Scott were on the scene and prompted the Policeman to act deceitfully that I would be taken to a shelter. It was in the ambulance I realized that the diagnosis called was that I was suicidal. When I refused to leave the hospital the next day, Englewood Police came on board to physically and verbally insult and assault me to the extent that I was dragged and manhandled. In a twist, my arrest without a warrant was never documented. I was threatened with confinement if I do not leave the Police premises in my hospital gown. Body cams can be requested to get to the root of this. Hate should have no place in Bergen County.

Englewood Hospital

Offered any food and was not given enough blankets. When my temperature showed an abysmally low level indicative of hypothermia (a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat), the nurse said out loud that she could not record the reading and instead manipulated the devise until reading became higher. All I had was taken from me (excluding my phones which I insisted on keeping). My blood was drawn against my wish. I was compelled to dress up in a hospital gown (it was branded Pennsylvania) and I was put in the hallway where the voices of those with mental health issues – suicidal, drug addicts etc., being confined or restrained caused me trauma through the night. I was not allowed to leave until a psychiatrist evaluated me in the morning and saw nothing was wrong with me. I am sure state funds were demanded as health insurance for this abuse.

Geoffrey Mueller

He knew adeleke omoteso was acting on fraud and had no jurisdiction in USA as a non-resident and non-citizen yet he took on his case. Geoffrey stated CLEARLY in his certification to the court that the Plaintiff filed the application he alleged was filed by me yet he continued this case and continued to spy on me to the extent that whenever I was out of town, a motion would be filed to defraud me until I was dispossessed of the only property with equity.

Jenny Flom

The fraudulent Plaintiff and his attorney brought her on board without conferring with me. At no time was my inalienable right as wife taken away neither was an Order for lock out signed, yet the Surrogates Court gave Jenny Flom, elected by fraudsters to work for them, an opportunity to take over the Estate of Bola Omoteso. This was after the Estate formally closed and one property with equity was flipped with no dime paid to me.

She flipped the second to Angelo Scott without any formal appraisal ahead of the Order she claims gave her right to do so. No doubt her bank account would show transfer of funds beyond what she requested from the court but is it worth her peace. Insurance exist as proof that the house was hijacked well ahead of court order!

I guess the colour of my skin matters more than my rights embedded in New Jersey Intestacy Laws. Jenny Flom who had surveillance on me waited till I travelled then filed a motion to have me evicted. A similar motion was denied previously. Without serving me and without returning to the court to let the judge know I was not available, she changed the locks and later took over all my belongings in the 5bed home. This is home I renovated for three years with borrowed funds and for which I bought furniture to begin a short let business. New mattresses and beds and winter clothing are part of what were carted away. Despite arriving before she did, I was denied access to the home by Edgewater Police who assaulted me.

If she was working for the Estate, does she have legal right to lock out the only successor? This woman will know pain all the days of her life. All I have worked for in my years of sojourn in America including my original certificates are in this home yet instead of returning my things she threatened to dispose them… I weep as I pen this.

Emergent hearing was permitted without notice to me, an order for eviction was signed but never served. Non-service is ground for vacating a judgement. I was locked out in absentia and not allowed to pick a pin from the 5bed home which I spent thousands of dollars to renovate and to purchase items meant to be used to begin a business to position me to save the Estate. Is this America where slave trade ended?!

All my documents, belongings including clothes, food items, citizenship certificate and everything I bought to short rental business were carted away by Jenny Flom without any order from the court. She took them to an unknown location and up till now has refused to release them in spite of repeated letters to Jenny Flom who acted inappropriately by taking over my realtor, breaking into the home (or how did she get the keys), not applying to the court for deeds (how did she get them? She got them from the master-minder – adeleke omoteso who had stolen them previously) and allowed her friend – Angelo Scott take out an insurance, before any order. 

Be it known that Jenny Flom has ignored all Estate matters, never gone to court to protect our properties, never met with me as successor, brought the Police on board to assault me and almost got me confined for insanity on false claims and focused only on earning money for herself and those who hired her – Adeleke Omoteso and Geoffrey Mueller. She acted mercilessly and maliciously against me as heir and successor because those who connived to bring her on board disregarded the rule of law that says she must post a bond. All these atrocities was after the Estate formally closed.

Tarek Hassieb, realtor

While he had fiduciary duty to me as realtor, Tarek caused flood and/or abandoned property when flood happened in 88B as a way of using it to defraud me by helping the Plaintiff file motion for neglect. When I promptly fixed the damage, Tarek gave my keys to Jenny Flom without any legal process while he was still signed on to me as realtor. When I changed the locks to prevent him from re-entering, himself and Jenny Flom broke in and changed the locks. Again, this was without any legal process.

Insurance Companies

Both insurance companies – Chubb and Plymouth Rock, ignored damages to the properties. They denied covering damages all because Bola Omoteso was no longer alive. Roof has a ten-year period after it should be changed, they disregarded that the roofs were leaking. They disregarded that boiler was changed and extension boiler added.

Fay Servicing, LLC

88B was transferred to this company but soon they hijacked it, entered it and winterized without going through any legal process or consulting with me. They ran up utility bills, which they failed to pay while denying me access and opportunity to rent or sell. When I eventually linked up with someone to complain, they granted me access but Jenny Flom and Tarek Hassieb frustrated this. No doubt Jenny and Tarek, who both identified as Jews, were well paid for their part in the fraud. Anyone investigating only need to follow the money. They have now gone ahead to change the title on the property. I wrote to the Bergen Record Office to stop this but they said they could not. I wrote to the Prosecutor’s Office but it seems he wants nothing to do with it.

Winnie Ihemaguba

When I eventually pulled funds together to get an attorney, I was glad that I found one who knew about the culture of widow abuse in Nigeria and could weave it into her motions. But, she became desperate for money. A matter for which she request $2500 suddenly became $4000. She was telling me how she could help but demanding money is such ruthless way. She was brought on board to file an emergent appeal but after she got contacts of the Plaintiff’s attorney and Jenny Flom, she slowed down, telling me how what she wanted to do was better than what I hired her for. Cut a long story short, after paying over $4000 with nothing to show and no briefs being sent to me, I cut her loose after receiving judgement. I was in search of humane attorney when she sent me an order stating the appeal has been closed because I do not wish to prosecute – how, where, when?! I hurriedly wrote to notify the court she was no longer representing me. I found out after the fact that she was dealing with a bad divorce from a husband who pursued anything in skirts till a point where he lost his medical license. I was meant to be the ATM. In two months, she had billed $8000 just for notice of appeal! I had to take up a locomotive job to pay her until my life was draining away. 

Socrates Luciano

Before I moved to 88A, I rented 457 to a man who showed so much love for the home. I should have been mindful when his wife who appeared to understand English failed to speak a word of English but spoke through him in Spanish. Her act compelled me to reduce the rent. They saw my desperation and made demands including not paying for basement, changing possession date but collecting keys ahead, postdating check etc. When I became homeless, I reached him to request that he begins the process of buying the home. When he declined, I asked to return to my basement especially because my dad was visiting and we were both shuttling between a friend’s house and hotel.

On the date I arrived to re-enter my basement, which was not included in what he paid for, his wife spoke in clear English when she called Englewood Police to remove “this lady who is trespassing!” Me, the landlord, trespassing; white skin sure gives privileges indeed! Two Caucasian police officers arrived and threatened me with arrest. When I moved over to 457B driveway just to relax before leaving, they knocked on the tenant’s door to be sure she was okay with me being there. I am landlord for both! I told them to their faces that they exhibited racist behaviour. The basement was not included in the lease and they saw this clearly on the lease yet I was ordered to leave. The experience was an eye opener to my dad who was a Policeman in Nigeria. He could not hold back words when he told the officers, “Is this how you behave in America, asking landlord to leave in favour of tenants who have refused to pay rent or utilities. We thought you are more advanced and we should be learning from you. I am disappointed; there is nothing to learn!”  I found out after the fact that Jenny Flom had given Luciano documents, which gave them the audacity to question my ownership.

Thanks to a righteous Judge Rosa who asked in court, “Where is the person (Jenny) you are talking about, if she is interested in this matter, she should be in this court…. Judgment for the Plaintiff!” My joy multiplied that day and gave me assurance that one day, a righteous leader would look at this matter and jail all the con folks and compel Wells Fargo to pay my family and I all the payments ever made by Bola Omoteso and Omolola Famuyiwa in properties through which the bank hoodwinked to scam us.

City of Englewood

I cannot end without mentioning their part in this fraud. We live in Fort Lee, our zoning as Englewood in wrong and based on racial profiling. The properties were meant as residence and investment but getting tenants became Herculean because those who could afford it could not send their children to Fort Lee Schools which are just 8-10 minute walk from the home. The city bill us two taxes! The home in Edgewater has a similar layout and is bigger but until Wells Fargo hijacked one and split the property, we paid one tax, why then do we pay two in Englewood?! When this is resolved, we should be exempted from paying property tax for life and tenants be allowed to have the benefit of both cities or extra collected over the years should be paid towards being zoned appropriately as Fort Lee New Jersey.


Probate: BER-P-032-17, Appeal A-004781-18 (this was filed in 2019, I wonder why it says 18), Foreclosure: F-017665-18, F-023102-18, F-022385-18, F-024508-17 (docket for 88B property for which Jenny Flom did not notify me at all) and one for 88A.

Where is JUSTICE in America?

A Member of Parliament in the UK was recently jailed, struck off the list of solicitors and removed as MP because she lied about being behind the wheels when camera recorded her vehicle speeding. Yet, we have a situation where judges, attorneys, court staff and plaintiff has lied again and again with reckless abandon in this matter where my rights as wife and successor should have been protected by Bergen Surrogates to show what America and the rule of law is really about. 

Up till now, the paltry funeral benefit has not been paid to me neither have I been given benefit from Social Security Administration my husband paid into for years he worked in the USA especially New Jersey.[This is a man who used his expertise to work for the American Air Force. He probably would have been enlisted if within age range but he worked as a staff. Ordinarily this should have earned me extra benefit but I am fortunately African!

I requested again and again for state counsel but none was granted. Criminals are awarded this right, why not a widow? I was informed that in matters of probate where Letter of Administration has been issued, the Surrogate – Michael Dressler is my counsel. But it seems he elected to sit on the fence. But my God is The God of Justice.

I am working on a book Death of Justice in America, it offers insights into many ways we rob innocent people and incur the wrath of God. Justice can be resurrected if only leaders would divorce their greed for wealth and choose instead to welcome honour and peace.

The Bergen Surrogates Court and entire Bergen County has caused me trauma, grief and loss of income and I now face a situation where even where I live would be foreclosed. There is no better time to do the right thing than now. #JusticeforOmolola


Litigating a matter based on fraud is ground for redress through County, State or National Prosecution following investigation. Litigating a matter when the Surrogate Court legally awarded me Letter of Administration on the strength of Bola Omoteso being my husband and being domiciled in Bergen County but did nothing to defend or protect me is fraud, which can be checkmated via investigation and prosecution.

I call on leaders in Bergen County and New Jersey including The Attorney General, Chief Prosecution Officer, the Surrogate, the Congressman for 9th District and the State Governor to PLEASE investigate this matter and ACT till justice is fully served.


Dr. Omolola Famuyiwa

Living Spouse of Bola Omoteso 

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