Democracy And The Untold June 12 Book Ownership Right : Chief Aboderin Reacts…Warns Uzor Ngoladi And Sidney Wachukwu To Desist From Tarnishing His Image Built Over Decades Ago

A Lagos based business tycoon,philanthropist and author, Chief Abimbola Aboderin who is the Moyosore of Yorubaland has finally reacted to several online reports that he is not the authentic author of the recently launched book on late chief Mko Abiola and the June 12 struggles

 Reacting to the series online reports as spearheaded by Uzor Ngoladi / Sidney Nwachukwu, Chief Aboderin described it as all false and defamatory statements aimed at soiling his reputation and regretted that those he fed and took care of in past with several evidence at his disposals can now go behind to stab him on the back

In a position paper from his solicitors ( Atlantis Legal Practitioners & Solicitors)Chief Abimbola Aboderin  who was described as a respected business man in the society who has spent his life building a good reputation-  confirmed that the duo  have been spreading inaccurate/false and unfounded information against chief Aboderin which is damaging to the reputation and personality of the Yoruba high chief 

The solicitors warned that Under the Nigeria law, it is unlawful to make statements that harms a person’s reputation without a factual evidence or based on hearsay.

 The statement reads in part …

” It is our understanding that you Dr. Uzor Ugoladi has been publicly publishing false and defamatory statements against our client through the press and media.

” A copy of your posted/granted false and defamatory report/statements to the press/media against our client is attached to this letter and is hereby attested as an example of all false and defamatory reports/ statements in this letter.

” These statements and interviews which you reported and granted to the press are false and defamatory to the character of our client.

“TAKE NOTICE that this letter shall serve as a pre-suit notification that you shall;

i. Cease and desist from making, granting and posting false or defamatory statements against our client.

ii. Provide us with a written assurance to the adherence of (i) above within two days of receipt of this letter.

iii. You shall bring down and erase all false and defamatory statements against our client that you granted to the press and have posted on different media platforms.

iv. You shall notify the press and media of the falsity of your statements against our client

“FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that if you don’t adhere to our request in (9) above and the activity continues, we will;

i. Immediately seek a restraining order from the Court against you and any accomplices in this matter.

ii. We will also seek monetary damages against you

“You will not receive another warning letter in regards to our request on behalf of our client” it reads 

In a related development, irked by the high level of manner his reputation is being dragged to the mud, Chief Aboderin has vowed that if all the online reports that he is not the authentic author of the June 12 book is not deleted, he will not only expose the unethical manners of his accusers   with ample evidence but will go straight to the court to seek redress

” I will not seat and watch two boys whom I once fed and took care of ( with ample evidence) soil my reputation and falsely accusing me of not being the authentic author of the recently launched book on late chief Mko Abiola, they are demanding part of money from the book launching… Money which was pledged and yet to be redeem ,this is most pathetic ” the chief Aboderin regretted

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