Lagos LG Poll: PDP Kicks ….Accuses LASIEC Of Colluding With APC To Rig Election

My Fellow leaders, loyal members, ladies and gentlemen of the press, I would like to firstly thank the Almighty God for the preservation of the lives of all our party faithfuls all over the state before, during and after the just concluded Council Elections which took place yesterday the 24th of July 2021.

I would also like to congratulate the various diligent and courageous candidates who participated gallantly in this contest who also got their mandate robbed by the rigging machinery of the ruling party.

Furthermore, this acknowledgment will not be complete without recognizing the loyalty, hard work, steadfastness and determination of all our volunteer agents, canvassers, supervisors, collation officers and most of all our teaming members, who were very active on the field voting and providing various financial and moral support to our candidates at the polling units throughout the state.

Having said this, I would like to mention here that the State Executive Committee is proud of you, as you have all given your best pre and post election day, even as it is a well known fact that, the odds was against us.

We have observed that from the results received so far, it can be said that the ruling party, the APC did not perform as they expected, hence their decision to go all out to rig the election, a mandate given out to all concerned in the entire state.

This desperation by the APC created a wave of crisis throughout the state especially in Oshodi, Isolo, Agege, Alimosho, Eti Osa , Mushin,Ojo, Ajeromi Ifelodun, Badagry, Ikorodu and a couple of other LGAs and LCDAs.

These Councils among many others, experienced full blown over voting, ballot snatching, LASIEC collaboration with APC agents to remove sensitive voting materials out of the councils, non involvement of other parties in the monitoring of voting materials, and in some certain areas a total collaboration with the Lagos State, Neighborhood watch security operatives.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is however now so obvious that the APC as a party has been disintegrated internally and it has exposed it self to ridicule and dishonor.

The reports we have show that some members of the ruling party had revolted against the party and majority of them refused to come out to vote for candidates that were imposed on them.

This plot has been envisaged by leaders of the ruling party and they have seen the hand writing on the wall and they know it would definitely have a devastating blow on their performance during the 2023 elections.

It is also noteworthy to state that Lagos is a city that has a population of about 25million residents, with close to 7million registered voters and with a dismal record of about only

200,000 voters taking part in a major grassroot election.

These are very obvious signs that the people have lost confidence in the democratic system in the APC led government of Lagos State.

We stand bold to say that, if the results in a free and fair environment, are not tampered with, our party would win a few Chairmanship seats and a handful of Councillorship seats.

We are sure that LASIEC would not have the courage to publish the real figures of votes counted for all the participating parties, it is clear that exposing these figures would further divide the APC as a party.

I hereby wish to advice all our candidates and teaming supporters to go back to their zones, wards and LGAs and let us all get ourselves ready for the 2023 general elections.

It is my fervent belief that the 2023 elections would be the real test.

The experiences of this election has made us become aware of our mistakes and the weaknesses of the APC, which we would capitalize on during the upcoming general elections by the Grace of God.

I would like to seize this opportunity to state categorically that any result published by LASIEC is Fake and UNACCEPTABLE to the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State.

We outrightly reject any result already released or that would be released and we hereby state that a decision will be taken as regards our next line of action, after the collation of our results and due consultation with our lawyers.

As a party who are the pioneers of democracy in the country, we believe it is in the best interest of our youths and law abiding citizens of the state to seek redress legally, rather than lock horns with the ruling party in mobilizing thugs to shed blood in protecting our votes.

We believe our success, at the council elections is not worth the blood of any youth in the state.

Our candid advice to our dear Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu and the Chairman of LASIEC, Hon Justice Ayotunde Phillips is that, this continued disregard for the rule of law and the spirit of fairness would definitely catch up with us one day, and we would all have to give personal accounts of our contributions to every situation, either negative or positive and take due responsibility of its outcome and consequent effect on our children and children’s children.

Finally, we thank the good people of Lagos State for standing with us in the face of intimidation and insecurity, we say, your refusal to come out of your homes can not go unnoticed.

It is the last form of peaceful protest in any democratic nation and the beginning of anarchy in a state.

Your actions show a rejection of a forcefully imposed ruling party, that has turned its back on the good ethics, that should guide a well structured democratic mation.

Your action showed that you have silently protested against a Government that has banned any form of free speech, movement or association.

The Endsars experience is still fresh in our minds, and it will remain there for a long time.

Furthermore it has shown from the “Sit at Home” act and voter apathy, that the governed have rejected and have lost faith in the government of the day and would rather use this form of protest rather than have themselves humiliated at the polls.

To our party faithfuls again “we say we are WINNERS” please don’t lose hope, as 2023 is there for our taking, if we unite as one.

Our prayer is that the fear of the Almighty God will have a place in the hearts of those that lead us today and Always IJN Amen!

Long Live the Peoples Democratic Party!

Long Live Lagos State!!

Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!!!

Engr Adedeji Doherty


Peoples Democratic Party

Lagos State Chapter

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