Who Killed TB Joshua?

Was the televangelist killed because of his huge followers on YouTube? Was he murdered because of his acceptance ? Was he involved in a business deal gone awry? These and many more posers will continue to reverberate since a pastor claimed that he had the details of how the late founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations was murdered. Alarmed by a fresh revelation that the late founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B Joshua, did not die of natural causes, his kindreds from Ondo State, on Tuesday expressed outrage, calling for a full-scale investigation into the deceased’s last moments.

This demand was spurned by a claim by a popular Ghanaian cleric, Bishop Sam Owusu, that Joshua did not die a natural death but was killed by some conspirators.

Owusu, in a video that has now gone viral, told his congregation that he had the detail of the circumstances surrounding Joshua’s death but would not reveal it yet.

He, nonetheless, hinted that a combination of local and international conspiracy led to the extermination of the clergyman.

Following up on the claim, however, notable pressure group in Ondo State-Sunshine Liberation Movement (SLM), demanded on Tuesday that the world’s human rights community should help engage the services of private investigators, to unearth the veracity or otherwise of Owusu’s claim.

Speaking with First News, the president of the SLM, Elder Dipo Ajidaun, said, “The way to go is to get an independent body to find out why, among other things, T.B Joshua, who was healthy and had no known record of any ailment, suddenly left for his office and was later found lifeless.

“Again, we should know the identities, country of origin and any other mission of some foreigners who were said to have visited him on the fateful day, shortly before his death.”

Ajidahun stressed that both a coroner’s inquest and other investigational methods devoid of the involvement of politicians and the clergy, would lead all to the true circumstances of Joshua’s death.

He similarly urged that under the present circumstance, T.B Joshua’s autopsy should be made public, “to save it from being doctored”.

In own reaction too, a prominent women leader from the Akoko locality of Ondo State, from where Joshua hailed, Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Kofoworola, said the contrition that led the Joshua immediately family not to bury the late cleric in his Arigidi-Akoko native home, is now fatal to any attempt to find out if he was actually killed.

Kofoworola, who is Yeyelobinrin (head of the women) in Arigidi-Akoko’s neighbourhood of Oba-Akoko, said, “If they had brought his corpse to be buried in his native home, some traditional rite would have been performed on his remains, which would expose any conspiracy, if it existed, without fail.”

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Bishop Owusu, while appraising the June 5 passage of Joshua, said the cleric was the most famous Christian minister in the history of black Africa.

He compared him to Bishop David Oyedepo, presiding bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners Chapel.

The Ghanaian cleric also claimed that Joshua was more popular than American preachers such as T.D Jakes and Kenneth Hagin.

In the video, Owusu said, “T. B. Joshua was killed, he didn’t die. He was killed because, by history, there is no black man of God in the world that on YouTube, his followers are more than a country.

“Yes, the followers of T. B. Joshua, there is no president in the world, no President in the world has followers as compared to T. B. Joshua.

“In the world, there is no single man that Presidents submit to. In the whole world, it has never happened, that there is a certain man of God that Presidents will leave their Presidency and come to his church.

“T. B. Joshua was killed, he has finished his work. I have the detail, I will not share that one now.

“T. B. Joshua was the highest rewarder of YouTube currency in the whole world; there is no human being that gets paid by YouTube as much as T. B. Joshua because of how people follow and watch his videos.

“They killed T. B. Joshua because, in the history of the black race, there is no black man that is popular as compared to T. B. Joshua.

“He is popular than T. D. Jakes, he was more accepted than Kenneth Hagin, he is popular and more accepted than Bishop David Oyedepo.

”By the history of mankind, there is no black man in Africa who has properties, a school in Israel, a school, land and property in the Philippines… there is no black man…T. B. Joshua didn’t die, they calculated his death. What they used to kill him, I know and the person they sent, I saw.”

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