NDA Invasion: Civil Society Not Doing Enough To Curtail Tyrannical Govt- Olawumi…. Says Boko Haram Sympathiser Is Occupying Sensitive Position In Buhari’s Govt

A retired military personnel, Commodore Kunle Olawumi has criticized the civil society groups for not doing enough to curtail the tyrannical government in Nigeria .

Speaking on the Invasion of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna by the bandits on Channelstv Sunrise  program monitored in Lagos on Wednesday, Olawumi said the civil society has become complacent and not able to hold the federal government to ensure that there’s security of lives and property. 

The retired naval commodore who was visibly angry throughout the program said if care is not taken, the damage the present leadership at the centre will do to the country will be worse than what has been done in last six years.

He also accused the media of not doing enough to report accurately in order to stem the tide of insecurity in the country.

He was irked that such brazen attack could occur at the elite training school of the army, but was optimistic that the bandits will be arrested .

“ I can assure you, those responsible for the dastardly act will be arrested soon, that I can say. Once the lives of officers and men are involved, the army may not listen to command structure, they will go all out for the bandits and arrest them. But I think the President should declare them as terrorists that they are so that the military will deal decisively with them.” He said.

Olawumi however frowned at those he accused of trying to Islamize the country.

“ There are some people in this government that I don’t want to mention their names now who feel that the country should be Islamize. High ranking officers of this government. We interrogated them in 2007, 2008 On the issue of Boko Haram. The officer was allowed to go scot free then despite the fact that he was culpable. He’s in this Government.

“ I hope the illiterates will not ruin the country. The civil society and the media are also not doing enough in this struggle. 80 percent of what Iam saying now, the media knows it, why are they not reporting it as it is to help the situation? Why is the civil society not holding the government to account for its actions? If we continue like this, the damage that will be done through inept leadership in the next two years will be worse than the damage done in the last six years?” He said.

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