Alawo Stool: Call Jogunade Family To Order, Awo Crown Prince Tells Oyetola

An Awo Crown Prince, Prince Abubakar Adeniyi, has called on Governor Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola, his Deputy, Mr. Benedict Adegboyega Alabi and other concerned authourities including; Egbedore Caretaker Chairman and security agents, to call the Jogunade family of Awo to order over their sudden claim of being Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo after the reign and death of immediate past Alawo of Awo, Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo Ruling House/Compound on Wednesday 24th day of June, 2020.

He disclosed that Jogunade family was never enlisted as part of Ruling Houses in any of the existing gazzetted Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration,be it outdated 1957 Chieftaincy Declaration or subsisting 1978 Chieftaincy Declaration on Alawo stool, asking rhetorically that how Jogunade Family now beccame members of the Ruling Houses in Awo as being claimed by these three elements of their family including; Oloyede Babatunde Sikiru, Mr. Lawal Oloyede Jogunade/Mr. Oloyede Lawal Oyekunle and Jogunade Adegbiji Olanipekun (Salu)?

Prince Adeniyi urged the State and Local Governments to warn the three members of Jogunade family against causing communal crisis in the acient town of Awo over their insurbordination into the selection process of new monarch for the community, which is the turn of Abioye Ruling House/Compound to  produce a Crown Prince to fill the vacant stool of Alawo of Awo after the demise of Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo, Akinsilo II, in line with order of rotation as contained in the subsisting 1978 Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration.

Adeniyi, who is Secretary of Alimi Akanfe Adeniyi Royal Family and one of the seven (7) royal families/ branches comprise of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo, insisted that it would not be possible for Jogunade Family to become Abioye Ruling House/Compound overnight because of present vacant stool of Alawo.

He declared that every Compound in the ancient community, has their name compound bearing in the Certificate of Local Government Origin issued by Egbedore Local Government area of Osun State, to each of their child, alleging that the aforementioned elements were out to cause crisis in the peaceful community and the governments at all levels should not fold their arm to watch the elements to breach the law and order of the area.

This was contained in an Open Letter with the titled *”The selection of the new Alawo of Awo after the reign and death of Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo Ruling House/Compound, Awo.The need to call Jogunade Family to order*”  and dated Monday 23rd of August,2021, signed by Prince Abubakar Adeniyi,which was written to the Caretaker Chairman, Egbedore Local Government area, Awo and also forwarded the copies to Governor Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola, his Deputy, Mr. Benedict Adegboyega Alabi, Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone XI, Commissioner and Special Adviser in charge of Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and Osun State Commissioner of Police for their notification and necessary action on the subject matter, adding that the copies of the said letter were made available to newsmen on Friday.

The letter stated that the Abioye Ruling House/ Compound comprises of seven (7) Royal families/ branches including; Adeniyi, Olawuyi, Gboyelade, Adetoyi/Adeyemi/Aderinola, Olaniyan, Adegboye and Adesola/Adediran/ Adedayo.

According to the letter, “In essence, it is pertinent to notify your good office that Prince( Comrade) Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and Prince Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye are the two (2) recognized Crown Princes that made their intents known to the Abioye Ruling House from Adeniyi and Adegboye Royal families respectively and also obtained Expression of Interest Form to fill the vacant stool of Alawo in Egbedore Local Government Area, Awo, Osun State. 

“And any other person (s) parading himself as Abioye Ruling House son (s) aside the two aforementioned persons in respect of filling the vacant stool of Alawo, should be seen as criminal, impersonator, intruder, impostor and interloper. .So, such person is seeking to breach the peace of the good people of Awoland and security agents should effect their immediate arrest for thorough investigation and possible prosecution.

“The main purpose of writing this letter to your good office as important organ in the process of filling the vacant stool of Alawo of Awo, is to inform you of ongoing illegal acts of some certain elements within the Jogunade family, Awo, that is not known to any existing Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration, be it outdated 1957 Declaration or subsisting 1978 Declaration. 

“As a Royal family in Abioye Ruling House that respect the rule of law, we are using this medium to educate those members of Jogunade family and their cohorts that subsisting 1978 Chieftaincy Declaration in respect of Alawo of Awo, is a 42 years old legal binding document that could only be amended through the constitution of Panel of Enquiry into such Chieftaincy title by the State Government when the reigning monarch is on the throne and not through illegality or fiat being adopted by these Jogunade family members”

The letter further read thus; “They should be warned to stop the idea of ongoing brigandage, babaric and uncultured by allowing the Court of competent jurisdiction to adjudicate on their civil matter in respect of Alawo of Awo. Either by writing or claiming to be Abioye Ruling House instead of Jogunade family, without any Court judgement or State Government Gazzette, is prejudiced which is criminal in nature.

“In addition,the present acclaimed head of Jogunade family, Mr. Lawal Oloyede Jogunade or Mr. Oloyede Lawal Oyekunle because they bear every name to suit their whims and caprices and one Mr. Yisa Ijadunola Abioye from  Lakonu’s Compound, Ede were plaintiff in a suit N0:HEJ/14/2004 which the two of them abandoned for over five(5) years in the State High Court of Justice sitting in Ejigbo then and the same Court of competent jurisdiction struck out the case in 2009 for wanton of dillegent prosecution by the plaintiffs. So, all their claims in respect of Alawo stool lack any legal backing”.

Adeniyi submitted that “At this junction, it is important to inform your humble self that the Governments from old Western Region that made the first Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration, till the present Osun State Government through Egbedore Local Government, Awo, have recognized Abioye Ruling House and as well been relating with our compound as it contained in the Certificate of Local Government Origin being issued to our family members by Egbedore Local Government, Awo, Osun State.

“Lastly Sir, we are happy to inform your good office that their act of impersonation have been reported to the authority of the Nigeria Police Force(NPF) for Police scrutiny for possible prosecution”. 

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