Lagos 2023:League Of Imam And Alfa Pledge To Support Jandor For Governor

The League of Imam and Alfa In Kosofe, Ikosi-Ketu and Agboyi councils have endorsed the Lead Visioner of Lagos4Lagos Movement, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran popularly known as Jandor for the position of governor in Lagos state in 2023.

Jandor(middle) flanked by the Religious leaders

Speaking when Jandor paid them a courtesy visit to intimate them of his political ambition on Thursday, Leader of all Imam In Kosofe, Alhaji Imam Mohammed Adewumi who led the Prayers in Arabic said the congregation should follow the recitation after the initial prayers for the actualization of the governorship seat. 

The prayers which centred on realizing his political ambition in 2023 also dwelt on good Governance in Lagos during his tenure. 

The religious leaders also prayed for long life for Jandor and members of Lagos4Lagos Movement.

There was prayer session on his well being  and long life and open mindedness to serve Lagos and meet the yearning and aspirations of Lagosians.

Also , Alhaji Imam Lukman Sanusi also offers special prayers that Jandor will succeed in his quest to be governor in 2023. 

He, however,  implored Jandor to fulfill his promise after his inauguration. 

Imam Lukman urged the women to support Jandor wholeheartedly and ensure that he succeeds. 

Alhaji Imam Ismail Kajola hinged his prayers on the need for Jandor to work for the people so that people will wholeheartedly pray for him as opposed to the present crop of leaders that people curse daily because of poor performance.

Responding, Jandor thanked the League of Imam and Alfa for receiving him with joy and the support they pledged for him. 

He apologized for coming a bit late to inform them of his political aspiration.

He, however, said his coming was to tell them the need to have an independent Governor in Lagos, devoid of being tied to an apron string of a godfather.

Jandor said the time has come for the people to wake up and take back what rightly belong to them. 

He explained that the focus of Lagos4Lagos is governorship of Lagos state come 2023, irrespective of the political platform that’s available to it. 

Jandor assured the League of Imam and Alfa that his administration will ensure that the huge amount of money that’s available to the state is deplored for the benefits of the greater number of our people. 

Notable Imams and alfas at the programme were, Imam Abdusalam Oba, Imam Adesina Sulaiman, Imam Suraka, Alhaji Imam Adewumi(leader of all Imam) Alhaji Imam Ismail Balogun (Ikosi Ketu) Alhaji Imam Lukman Sanusi, Alhaji Imam Ismail Kajola  and the General Secretary of League of Imam and Alfa, Alhaji Imam Olawale. 

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