15 Magical Benefits Of Eating Star Fruit (Carambola) On Your Skin And Body

Benefits of Star Fruit include is chock-full of vitamin c, a good source of fiber, may help with anemia, has an inhibitory effect on microbes, is good for reducing inflammation, may give a good night’s sleep, keeps digestive system regular, revs up the metabolism, may be helpful for weight loss, is extremely hydrating, is hypolipidemic, might keep skin looking young, and plays a vital role in folk medicine.

Just by looking at this relative of Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi), it is hard to tell the umpteen benefits hiding in it.

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Originally from Asia, star fruits (Averrhoa carambola) are normally 5-18 cm long and look like a five-point star when you slice them. The unripe fruit is translucent, green and firm whereas the ripened one is amber, yellow, and juicy. Their flavor ranges from sour to sweet.

copied from Shina Loremikan’s Facebook
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