It’s Now Fire For Fire, We’ll Not Negotiate With Bandits Anymore—Matawalle

Governor of Zamfara State, Mohammed Matawalle has declared that the state will no longer negotiate with the bandits anymore.

The Governor has to resorted to such hardline stance because some of the bandits given amnesty has since returned into the forest, terrorizing the state At will. 

Matawalle who has since taken some drastic measures to curtail the activities of the bandits such as shutting down all the telecommunications in the state, banning the sale of petrol in a jerrycan and closing some markets, said it’s now fire for fire.

He said, “Our decision not to reconcile or give amnesty to bandits is final. There’s no reason for that accord again, bcos they failed us woefully, they unleashed terror on our people despite the agreement we made.

Ours is to send them to their graves for divine justice!”

– Bello Muhammed Matawalle

(Executive Governor,  Zamfara State)

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