A Gross Marginalization Of Lagosians

The lagos state government of  one size fits all policy of marginalisation of Lagos State indigenes  is pushing the natives  further into an  enclave of sheer servitude. 

This unwholesome decision of the government will not stop us from speaking out. 

Ọmọ Eko Pataki will never be blackmailed or threatened into silence. We will continue to defend and protect the collective heritage and the dignity of our people against the ravages of the scourge of aliens

It  is so obvious now that the  government of Jide Sanwoolu is indifferent and contemptuous of the popular feelings of the indigenous community. 

With the skewed decision  to appoint Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji Bello, a native of Ondo state as the new Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, LASU, Lagosians have been inflicted with  an unpopular candidate far and above well qualified natives. 

Sanwoolu himself who is of contested  and ambiguous origin has demonstrated a crass partisan inclination that  is disdainful of the  democratic clamor of Lagosians. He has basically thumbed his nose on our people. While this may be the saddest day in the history of Lagosians, those who conspired to deepen our marginalization will never be forgiven by  the ultimate judgement of history.

A desperate candidate who came last twice in the Sanwoolu’s annulled exercises, has suddenly transmogrified into number one position ! This is gross abuse of public office to suit  preferred political tendencies. 

From the beginning of this struggle to the the final decision of government brilliant professors of Lagos State indigenes, some members of the Selection and Governing Councils and others lost out for performing and asking for their legitimate  duties. They were removed from participating in the process of selecting the VC  of LASU.

The Pivot of the Nigerian constitution is to protect the rights of the citizens. This very core of our liberty naturally dovetails to the state level where the indigenous communities in all the states are to be given preference in all appointments. Lagos state remains an aberration where indigenes are still being treated like second class citizens on their own soil. What a shame !

We at Ọmọ Eko Pataki are particularly saddened and troubled with this brazen miscarriage of justice. This decision is a lie. And as Thomas Carlyle observed correctly : “ No lie can live forever. “

Sanwoolu may  have had his way . But not for long. His rigged  victory is transient. The collaborators of injustice can never escape the well hewn unforgiving arbitration of Providence. This is a Pyrrhic victory for the ephemeral tools of power.  We will not be silenced. Our voice will remain strong and vibrant,  unmuted by the lash of evil.  We will continue to resist and rail against  injustice until the truth prevails over falsehood.

⁃ Major General Tajudeen Olanrewaju rtd

⁃ Trustee Ọmọ Eko Pataki

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