Dr Obadiah Mailaifia: The Valiant Warrior

By Yinka Quadri 

Like a bolt from the blues, they said you are dead

They said a mighty man like you who dared even death itself gave up to little Covid-19.

They knew they couldn’t buy you at any cost, they knew you won’t come for photo shows.

They knew you loved your people with your life

They said you have dropped the baton

They said the battle is over

Little did they know that the battle has just begun and the baton will be picked long before it touches the ground by millions others.

The battle will be fought more determinedly by more courageous patriots, who will ensure the reign of justice, fairness and equity.

Tell our ancestors that we have come of age and we shall do justice to their grand memories and yours as well.

I wish they knew that we are not daunted but rather strengthened in our resolve to ensure peace, prosperity and progress for all humanity 

Soldier of freedom, rest on as we assure you that victory is certain and inevitable.

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