European Union (EU) Parliament Agency And Nigerian Partner Engage Dr. Tonye Jaja For Training Of National Assembly Committee On Inclusion Of Persons With Disabilities

On 30th September 2021, the Chairperson and members of the Committee on Disabilities, House of Representatives, National Assembly will receive training on how to implement the provisions of the National Commission for Elimination of Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities Act, 2018 and other related laws in Nigeria.

Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja is one of the resource persons appointed to deliver this training on behalf of the EU’s EUSDG and the ALBINO FOUNDATION.

The training will expose participants to the need for iincreased inclusion of PWDs in the electoral process, in the educational sector and other key sectors of the economy.

Dr. Jaja was appointed due to his previous experience as a member of the legal drafting team that drafted an amendment to the Electoral Act for increased inclusion of PWDs in the electoral process.

Dr. Jaja is one of Nigeria’s foremost legal/legislative draftsperson having obtained a PhD in law (Legislative Drafting) degree from the University of London in 2013.

He is currently the Ag. Head of Bills and Legislative Drafting at the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, Abuja.

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