JOKE SILVA: A Gazelle Across The Ages

By Femi Akintunde-Johnson 

Today, Mabel Ajoke Silva, the more adorable half of acting colossus, Olú Jacobs, would awake, by the grace of God, as a 60-year old wife, mother, grandmother and still a lodestar of Nigeria’s filmic firmament. Her hallmarks on the chequered history of the Nigerian motion picture world have been illustrious, robust and expansive. It is almost impossible to believe that this delectable role interpreter has been performing, at a premium level, for four decades!

  Silva has elegantly traversed the stage, radio, television, video, celluloid…what else is there? She has done that, been there…for all these years with such a lingering aroma that draws young women, and hitherto bewildered parents to believe that acting, and the different aspects of the creative process, can indeed serve as one of the greatest levers for nation-building and respectable personal ambition. She has been at the arrowhead of few but great female thespians whose contributions, expertise, carriage, and charisma have shattered the long held myth and misgivings that artistes, of any hues, were namesakes of vagabonds and undesirable elements.

  We honour today this dainty gazelle across the ages, as she clocks 60 years today, September 29, 2021. Here is a reprise of my reflections on her career and characteristics in the book, “Reflections: Anthology of Thoughts on Nigerian Movie Industry” (June, 2021):…

  To the heartbeat of the Jacobs, and the shining star of the Silvas, a grateful nation, including three love-struck generations, stand tall to give you, Mabel Ajoke Silva, a standing ovation for a truly remarkable and inspirational application of your talents and beliefs in pursuit of your career, lifestyle, public service and family values. 

Happy birthday, Ajoke… 

Enjoy your diamond cherries, 

And hearty congratulations, Mama Olusoji. 

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