Indian High Commissioner Asks Nigerian ‘Combatants’ To Embrace Non-Violence

By Bukar Bolori 

Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria,  Mr Abhay Thakur has called on combatants in the country to embrace dialogue and peaceful resolution of the conflict. 

Speaking at the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi 152nd Posthumous Birthday and the 15th International Day of Non-violence in Abuja organized by the India High Commission in Nigeria, Thakur said it is only the week that embrace violence to resolve crisis while the strong make use of dialogue and non-violence mechanism. 

He said the whole world has a lesson to learn from Mahatma Gandhi who promoted non-violence as the best option to address crisis. 

He said: “The importance of remembering and celebrating this great man Mahatma Gandhi cannot be overemphasized. This event can only underscore how important he is to us to remember and follow Mahatma Gandhi teachings, even to this day his message is ever more relevant and important because not only did he speak about non-violence, he also spoke a lot about sustainable development.

“And today as we mark the 152nd anniversary of his birth. We also mark the 15th international day of non-violence, that United Nations adopted a resolution to declare Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday as international day of non-violence and this is an important message that the whole world need to adopt non-violence for complete resolution of dispute and for settlement and reconciling differences and actually ensure that terrorism, instability are all tackled in the spirit of mutual accommodation and tolerance and above all non-violence.”

He said violence is destructive and end up achieving little but when non-violence approach to settle dispute, it heals the soul and promote harmonious living.

Thakur said celebrating the day with Yoga was a great combination, explaining that” Yoga which means unity or joining together and Mahatma, meaning a great soul, are worthy combination.

He asked that the world should learn to embrace both messages from Mahatma Gandhi and Yoga.

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