Nigeria @ 61: Let’s #UnlockNaija—Chidoka

On Independence day 2021, the question rings across the nation, is this the country our Independence leaders hoped for on October 1 1960? Is this the country that our colonial masters handed over on October 1 1960? 

The answer from across the country lies with the blood of Nigerians spilt every day in the mindless orgy of violence and the number of our children at home, away from school, seeking refuge from kidnap.

At no time in our history has the need to renew the idea of Nigeria been more urgent, more critical and the alternative more horrendous than anything we had ever witnessed. 

I call on the Post-Civil war generation to rise to the occasion. Let’s renew the idea of Nigeria without the blood of Nigerians. 

We can Unlock the Gridlock. It won’t be easy. It won’t be simple. It is doable. 

Let’s #UnlockNaija

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