Zulum Gives Lifeline To 2,200 Tricycle Operators In Borno

Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum has given a lifeline to 2,200 operators of commercial motorcycle, popularly called Keke NAPEP.

In the latest intervention, according to the governor, 2000 Keke NAPEP operators, who currently do not have their own tricycles, will be given 500 tricycles with four persons jointly owning a tricycle and another set of 200 persons jointly own 100 Toyota cars, making two persons jointly owning one.

The governor made this intervention public while hosting operators of ‘Keke NAPEP’ at the weekend in Maiduguri.

He directed the procurement of 500 tricycles and 100 Toyota cars (Corolla LE) for subsidized allocations.

He said as subsidy, all 2,200 beneficiaries will be required to repay only 50% of the market value of the tricycles and cars which they will generate from business while Government will waive the remaining 50%.

The Governor directed the state’s ministry of transportation to liaise with various unions of the tricycle operators to agree on suitable and acceptable modalities for the allocation.

He, however, warned that only deserving members who do not have their tricycle should be considered.

He recalled that while government had banned the importation of tricycles into Maiduguri to curtail case of crimes committed and address congestions along the main roads, the coming intervention is based on need.

He noted that all measures were in the best interest of the tricycle riders while acknowledging the huge employment opportunities it has provided.

One of the union leaders, Alhaji Hurso Grema expressed appreciation to Governor Zulum for the intervention and for some regulatory measures introduced by the Government which he said had saved their occupation from incursions by bad elements who hitherto tried using tricycles for criminal acts.

Zulum had last year, allocated similar tricycles and cars to operators in Biu town.

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