Buhari Is Not Nigeria’s Problem, Nigerians Are —Prof Aladeoba

By Benjamin Omoike 

President, Anointed University, South Africa, Worldwide Campus, Apostle Prof. George Aladeoba, has stated that Nigerians, and not President Muhammadu Buhari, are to blame for the many woes bedevilling the nation today.

The clergyman cum university Don, made the submission during the institute’s 2021 Leadership Award Convocation/Award of Honorary Doctorate Degree and Gospelers Merit Award (GMA), which held in Lagos recently.

He said that despite the challenges Nigeria is currently facing, there is still hope that the country will overcome and remain an indivisible entity even after the 2023 elections, which many citizens have fear might separate Nigeria.

Speaking further at the event, which was held to honour men of God, patriotic citizens, as wells as those that have achieved greatness in life, Prof. Aladeoba stated that patriotic Nigerians will not do anything for the country’s separation but strive for its unity.

He said: “It is only a fool that will not believe in Nigeria. Everyone has challenges in life. The challenges of this country were not created by one person alone. They were created by all of us.

“Everyone thinks President Muhammadu Buhari is the problem. He is not.  We are all reaping what we have sown. There is corruption in the fiber of everybody. What we should do is to stop complaining and start acting.”

To solve the nation’s numerous challenges, Aladeoba stressed that the citizens need to believe in the Word of God and in Nigeria.

“Let us believe in our country and that Nigeria will be better. We should believe that one day, you and will go into the streets of Nigeria and will be so proud of it.

“Dubai was once a desert, but because the Emirates believed in their country, it is one of the best and is a tourist centre in the world today. Nigeria is a tourist centre for the world, the food basket of the world. The future of the world is Nigeria. If Nigeria succeeds, every African country will succeed.  I believe so much in my country.”

“We should begin to believe that Nigeria will exist and move forward. We should not say that Nigeria should separate. Anything that says it we will separate is a liar because Nigeria is too big to separate. The time for separation is past; but now, we don’t need separation. We need togetherness because we have inter-married and we have come a long way. We have a symbol of labour, logo and a flag. We have built a nation that it is on a solid rock, which is federalism,” he added.

Another solution, Aladeoba proffered, is “for the citizens to talk to the government and the political class to stop playing with us.”

Apostle Lordslight Oshinbowale, one of the awardees, noted that Nigerians need to pray to God for real leadership.

He said that the right leadership with the fear of God should emerge for  this nation to move to another level.

“We should all pray and that is one of the reasons why this university was formed. We are determined to produce a new set of leaders with the fear of God,” he noted.

While urging Africans to strive to produce honest leaders who have the fear of God, Oshinbowale submitted: “That is the most important thing that we need. I want to say that Nigeria is designed by the Almighty God to lead Africa through showing leadership role in the continent. Unfortunately, we are not yet there because of lack of required leaders. We need to pray for them to emerge.”

Oshinbowale also called for reorientation of youths and the need to impact the young generation with the desire to get close to God and to have a vision for the nation.

Lamenting that Nigerians have a negative perception of country,  Prof. Aladeoba said that to ensure that Nigeria remains an indivisible nation, “We need to pray for our nation and bless it. When you see an American, he says God bless America. We have a negative perceptive of Nigeria. We are complainers, and complainers will never attract God.

“Nigeria’s solutions will never come by complaining. We must stop complaining and begin to bless our country. If we all say God bless Nigeria, I tell you, God will act. Nigerians in the Diaspora should return and bless our country.

“Why it appears as God is no longer answering our prayers, because we are too negative.

“Let’s think of what we can do for our nation that will make it move forward.”

Saying that “Our problems  are teaching us to be more hard-working,” Prof. Aladeoba noted that “Every Nigerian has the spirit of hardwork. God is teaching us self-reliance in Nigeria. Until we become self-reliant and begin to believe that Nigeria will be better, nothing will happen. “

Highlight of the occasion was the award of Doctor of Divinity in Fatherhood Education Award to Elder Isaac Adelowo,; Doctor of Divinity in Christian Education to Apostle Lordslight Oshinbowale; Doctor of Divinity in Theology to Prophet Abiodun Okediaro,; Doctor of Divinity in Prophetic Ministry to Prophetess  Tosin Okedairo, and Doctor of Divinity in Motherhood Education to Madam Rebecca Adebowale.

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