“Your Excellency, Where Are Our Judges’ Official Vehicles?

By Ibrahim Lawal

On the 12th October, 2021, My Lords, Hon. Justice Olusola Adetujoye, Hon. Justice Beatrice Segun-Olakojo, Hon. Justice Prof. Elijah Adewale Taiwo and Hon. Justice Dr Kareem Adedokun took the Oath of Allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria as judicial officers in Oyo State High Court. Hon. Justice Oluwabukola Omolayo Ajadi  was also sworn-in with his brother judges as a judge of Oyo State Customary Court of Appeal to serve our fatherland. 

Ibrahim Lawal

Since their inauguration, my Lords have been discharging there duties without the appurtenance of office.

His Excellency, Governor Oluseyi Makinde has not deemed it fit to provide the official vehicles for these judges despite the fact that the condition precedent to the appointment of judges is the availability of official vehicles for the would-be judges.

When I wrote about the delay on the swearing in of the judges, one of the plausible reasons adduced then was that the delay was caused by the inability of the government to procure vehicles for the judges.

According to sources close to the Attorney General, he was quoted to have said that the delay was to ensure our new judges have a befitting vehicles that will conform with there  new status. 

More than a month after they were sworn-in, the Judges are are yet to be accorded there rightful entitlements!

*This attitude smacks of lack of respect for the judiciary.*

The other time, Governor, Seyi Makinde donated two brand new Prado jeeps to both outgoing and incoming PDP chairmen in the state. 

We however, heard on good authorities that the Jeeps donated to the PDP Chairmen were  part of the vehicles   inspected by NJC for the appointment of the new judges.

I hereby appeal to the Governor, through the Attorney General of the state to use his good office to immediately procure the vehicles for our new judges.

Oyo State Judiciary is first among equals, we should not at any time lower the standard.

Ibrahim Lawal is the Head of Chamber, Olujinmi & Akeredolu of the Law Hub, Ibadan.

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