We’ll Resist Further Attack On Emefiele….Southern Movement Warns

A group known has the Southern Nigeria Movement for Justice, has warned, that it would resist further attack on the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr Godwin Emefiele. The group said it is determined, to henceforth challenge what it called the series of orchestrated campaign of calumny, against the CBN Governor, Mr Emefiele, and by extension, the management of the nation’s apex bank, under his leadership.

In a joint statement by its leaders and signed by Comrade Uche Osadebe, Olu Akindele and Ebede Benedict, the group said it has noticed the persistent call by those it described as unpatriotic Nigerians, who are mainly sponsored under different groups, in the sustained campaign, where they’ve continuously demanded for the sack, of Mr Emefiele, as the CBN Governor.

“We have credible information on how these groups have been sponsored by the enemies of the transformation that the Emefiele leadership has introduced to the Nigerian economy, through the initiatives of the CBN, particularly the ban, on the black market sales of foreign exchange in Nigeria. This, we realized has become the basis of the desperation, to cast aspersion on the character and integrity of the CBN Governor.” the statement read.

The group further said it wish to inform the Nigerians that indeed the plot against Emefiele is real and enormous resources have been earmarked to discredit the personality of Mr Emefiele, and continually ask President Muhammadu Buhari for his removal.

“Consequently, we wish to recall that the public space has been inundated with outright falsehood in recent times through press statements, press conferences opinion articles, and news stories discrediting the CBN Governor. The overarching objective is to discredit all the notable achievements of the CBN under Emefiele’s leadership in the puerile attempt at instigating Nigerians against him and the CBN as an institution of repute under Godwin Emefiele.”

The group expressed its resolve, not to further tolerate those behind the call for Emefiele’s removal, as it says it is determined to expose them, their sponsors and take legal steps at ensuring that their distraction and falsehood are no longer allowed.

“We will no longer allow their outright falsehood to stand any longer, because of the consequences it might have on the overall psyche of innocent Nigerians.”

“We are aware, that the sponsors of the campaign of calumny against Mr Emefiele will not back down easily, but we will henceforth mobilise Nigerians continuously, to support Mr Emefiele and policies of the CBN, in order to ensure that he continues to deliver on the mandate that Mr President and the Constitution have given to him, in addressing serious economic and monetary policies of the country.”

“The attempt to denigrate those who have devoted their energy and time to the service of this nation is therefore viewed as very unacceptable and will not be tolerated by us any longer.”

The group also said the management of the CBN under Mr Emefiele has become known for their devotion, dedication and patriotism to the Nigerian cause. Therefore it should be on record that this is an attempt at character assassination aimed at rubbishing their laudable achievements by these agent provocateur.

“We unequivocally ask that those behind the campaign of calumny against Mr Godwin Emefiele should have a rethink. It would be tantamount to lack of appreciation for his efforts that of the CBN, as they struggle to increase the economic fortune of our dear country.”

It asked Nigerians to see the campaign against Emefiele as an affront to the sensibilities of Nigerians as a people and as a country and must do all to resist the harbingers of disorderliness and apostles of backwardness who are bent on destroying our economy as a country.

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