Coup Scare? Beware; NILDS DG Warns … Says Nigerian Governors Are Too Powerful

Director General of Nigerian  Institute of Legislative And Democratic Studies, Prof Abubakar Suleiman, has warmed the political class that there may be Coup unless something is done to redress the situation. 

Speaking on a current affairs program, Politics Today, monitored in Lagos on Wednesday Prof Suleiman said what happened in Anambra was worrisome.

He was particularly irked by the overbearing influence of state governors on the polity. 

“Whether we don’t want military again depends on us. What’s going on in Mali, Sudan, Guinea and other African continent is worrisome. 

“The political class must respect the wishes of the people . Nigerians must be allowed to choose their leaders. There’s need to inculcate political culture. Our attitude, our conduct and our ideals to democracy calls for caution. We have Coup in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Mali, Ethiopia, let us not be under the illusion that it can happen in Nigeria.

“The Anambra election , yes, it was peaceful. the result is out. 

“The people that determined who will be governor of Anambra state are less than 150 thousand people. This calls for concern. 

“If by 2023, we have failed to security the north east, north west, north central and south west, so how do we conduct election? 

“Where there’s state of anarchy, violence, the incumbent governor will take advantage . The National Assembly is worried. By the time political actors see this as an opportunity to scare opponent, then, there’s problem.

“The Nigerian elite must be very careful. The president has done his bits. The governors must be very careful. Their actions are inimical to democratic ideals. “Look at the way they are opposing the direct primaries in the electoral bill. Muhammadu Buhari that I know will accent to the Electoral bill. 

“They must imbibe the political culture of give and take. This over centralisation of power won’t work.” He said. 

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