Gboleru Ruling House Cries Out Over Alleged Injustice In Selection Of New Akinrun

The Gboleru Ruling House of Ikinrun, Osun State has cried out over the injustice that is being planned against it by the kingmakers of the town.

Prince Mudasiru Olatunji, Mogaji of Gboleru Ruling House today disclosed that there are orchestrated plans by “the powers that be” to sideline Gboleru Ruling House which is the next in line to occupy the vacant stool of Akinrun.

Olatunji appealed to the governor of Osun State, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, to come to the aid of the ruling house to ensure that its lawful right is not denied.

The traditional ruler of the town, Akinrun of Ikirun, Oba AbdulRauf Olawale Adedeji who mounted the royal stool in 1991 died died in February after a brief illness.

With the death of late Oba Olawale of Adedeji Ruling House, it was the turn of the Gboleru Ruling House to produce the new traditional ruler of the town according to the rotation system as specified in the Ikirun District Chieftaincy Declaration and Gazette of 1959, approved in 1960, re-registered in 1970, which were done during the reign of Late Oba Lawani Adeyem from Obaara Ruling House

However, the selection process was generating tension in the town as Gboleru Ruling House said the state government wanted to appoint new Akinrun from another ruling House known as Obaara instead of Gboleru Ruling House.

The Head of Gboleru Ruling House, Prince Olatunji Mudasiru appealled to the state Governor, Mr Adegboyega Oyetola to intervene in the matter and ensure that the appointment of new Akinrun follow the existing rotational arrangement.

He said “Obaara Ruling Family produced the last Akinrun before the immediate past Akirun from Adedeji Ruling Family and it’s the turn of Gboleru Ruling House to produce the next Akirun in accordance with our rotation arrangement.”

He debunked the insinuation that Gboleru Ruling House was unable to nominate candidate for the stool. He said the misunderstanding amongst member of the Gboleru Ruling House had been resolved and that the family is ready to present candidate for the stool.

Olatunji also said that none of the family members instituted the court process that government used as the reason for inviting Obaara Ruling House to nominate candidate for the stool.

He said “But we were surprised that the state government, through a letter from the Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs requested Obaara Ruling House to nominate candidate for the vacant stool. We appealed to the Governor to intervene”.

He added “Oba Lawani Adeyemi Oyejola, from the Obaara ruling house, ruled between 1945 – 1989 after which late Oba Olayiwola Adedeji II, came to the throne from 1991 and died in 2021. It is therefore crystal clear that Gboleru Ruling House is the next in line to produce the next Akinrun of Ikirun.

Olatunji said it is unjust for Gboleru Ruling House to be unfairly treated and sidelined in its right to occupy the throne which was due to it.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr Rasaki Adeosun confirmed that the state government has commenced the process to pick next Akirun from Obaara Ruling House.

The Commissioner for Information in the state, Mrs Funke Egbemode said the State Government was following a court order by Justice Jide Falola of Osogbo Hight Court which ordered the state government to proceed on the selection process with the Obaara Ruling House as a result of unresolvable crisis in the Gboleru Ruling House.

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