Environment:Borno Commissioner Faults Clean-Up Nigeria Ranking As One Of The Dirtiest States In Nigeria

By Gbenga Akingbule

Borno State Government has on Saturday described as baseless and malicious reports ranking the state as the dirtiest in Nigeria, insisting the state remain one of the cleanest. 

The government also challenge any organisation  carrying out research and ranking of environmental sanitation and cleaningness to  come up verifiable evidence instead  of misleading the the public with false claims. 

Hon Kaka Shehu Lawan addressing journalists during the sanitation exercise in Maiduguri

Clean-Up Nigeria, an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in its new report of cleanliness performance index ranked Borno, Osun and Kogi as the dirtiest states in Nigeria. 

The states,  according the NGO , got the lowest  ranking of  12 per cent, 13 per cent and 14 per cent respectively, in a study carried out between December 2020 and  November 2021.

Disclosing the stand of the state government on the report, the state Commissioner of Environment Hon. Kaka  Shehu Lawan said that  the new report is unfounded and ” of no lawful effect whatsoever ” 

Lawan who spoke to journalists while carrying routine inspection of the Monthly Sanitation Exercise which is also the last for the year ,  noted with dismay how an NGO will present a report without visiting the state to do their findings.  

” The report is unfounded, false , vexatious, frivolous and of no lawful effect whatsoever. This is because we’ve not seen anybody who came to Borno State on an assessment visit . 

” At least the first port of call should be the Ministry of Environment and Borno State Environmental Protection Agency for you to get data or even equipment and the man- power we have to enforcement environmental laws.  ” Lawan said.  

Hon. Lawan who is also the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justic of the state revealed that state government have continued to take holistic measures to ensure the cleanliness if its environment in all nooks and crannies of the state. 

The Attorney General stated that its evident for visitors and residents in and across the state to acknowledge the cleanliness of many locations in the state and wondered why the “Clean – Up Nigeria Organisation will decide to publish falsehood.” 

” You can not seat down in your cosy comfort of Abuja and Lagos and declare that Borno is dirty; I want to put on record that Borno remain one of the cleanest states in Nigeria ” Lawan said . 

Similarly, the Commissioner commeded residents of Maiduguri the state capital and environs for complying with the monthly environmental sanitation exercise and ensuring that their environment is kept clean . 

Driving through major parts of the state capital with his inspection team, the commissioner advise residents to maintain the tempo stating that the cleanliness of their environment will also translate to good health for them and their loved ones.  

However, some business  premises that were found open during the sanitation exercise were sealed  while offenders were given the last warning lest they face the full wrath of the law.  

At a location close to Legacy Garden Estate, some youths who were using used tyres and plastics to cook their cocoyam for sale to unsuspecting members of the public took to their heels as  they sighted the environmental sanitation inspection team.  

” The activities of these youths is constituting  serious environmental and health hazards, but we are already taking decisive action against them and their likes, though they are now at large but they will not run forever ”  Lawan said. 

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