NINAS/Ilana Oodua Face Off: Nnadi Denies Collecting N350m From Osinbajo

One of the leaders of NINAS, Mr. Tony Nnadi, has denied ever collecting the sum of N350m from Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

Nnadi in a press statement issued at the weekend said it’s the figment of the imagination of those peddling the rumour.

The human rights activist who has been on NINAS for almost 20 years now, said he’s not deterred by those who have been compromised to blackmail the group in order to present a fait accompli.

Nnadi In a response to a US based Yoruba lady, Celina Owolabi, who wanted to know if Nnadi indeed collected the said N350m from Osinbajo as alluded to by Prof Banji Akintoye In an interview recently replied thus:

“Whatever you understand from the NINAS Press  Statement of December 1, 2021 regarding the entire drama of the absurd is the full account of what transpired. 

“Nobody took any money from Osinbajo or anyone for that matter. Not me. Not anyone. 

If I were to frame a prayer that:

*”Anyone who collected N350 Million from Yemi Osinbajo to address a Press Conference against Prof Banji Akintoye or who shared from that Money will not live to see the 31st of December 2021. On the hand, anyone who knows in truth that no Money was given or taken, but has gone out there to fabricate, corroborate and spread the lie  that N350m was given by Osinbajo and to procure the November 18, 2021 Press Conference will not live to see the 31st Day of December 2021”*

“I can assure you that a number of people will be dead before that date. 

“I have refrained from putting this simple prayer out there but if anyone wants to test the veracity of the many claims, put this prayer out there and get people to say amen to it, particularly the ones making the allegations. 

“You could try this on your own to find out the truth because I know that if I do, knowing the truth as I know it, it will just be like sentencing them to death for their lies.

“As for whether I am working for one Nigeria or not, you have enough education to read and understand what NINAS put before the whole  World in the Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of December 16, 2020. If taking down the 1999 Constitution and taking the trapped Constituent Components of Nigeria (including Yorubaland) to Regional Self-Determination Referendums, amount to working for Nigeria in your understanding, then too bad. 

“My only other comment is that the gaps in the education of most our People are now showing, otherwise how could anyone mistake what LNC or NINAS is doing as working for One-Nigeria?”

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