Insecurity: Northern Youths Tell Buhari To Resign

Following the security challenges that have engulfed our country, most especially Northern Nigeria which is now the epicentre of kidnapping-for-ransom, blood bath and lately abbatoir where humans are roasted alive for the crime of daring travelling on roads that were constructed from the taxes they paid to the government.

The Northern Youth Council of Nigeria is a constraint to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to humbly resign since it is obvious that he has run out of idea on how to subdue the terrorists that have taken over significant parts of Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, Zamfara states and the busiest Kaduna-Abuja expressway on one side, and recently, the daring moves attacks by Boko Haram/ISWAP which has continued unabated.

It is embarrassing that President Buhari is idly watching the terrorist elements reigning supreme in our Country, imposing taxes on his supposed citizens, stopping them yet, he is unperturbed. These are the clear characteristics of a leader that has run out of steam.

In the alternative where he fails to eat the humble pie, we wish to call on the National Assembly to expedite action and initiate processes of impeachment against the President. Nigerians will certainly stand with them. This will equally help in redeeming the damaged reputation of the National Assembly.

Where the above recommendation fails, Nigerians should do everything possible to defend themselves, we can’t continue to watch anarchists reign supreme over us, while we seat like cowards to be killed. It is better you are arrested and kept in prison for daring to defend yourself and than to be buried in a grave because you didn’t dare to do something.

Enough is Enough!

Isah Abubakar
President, Northern Youth Council of Nigeria.
10th December, 2021

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