Mustapha Saliu: A Dark Horse In The Race For APC’s Chair?

By Deyemi Saka

As the race hot up for who becomes the next chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress, many prominent names have popped up in total underestimation of the candidacy of Alhaji Mustapha Saliu. 

The newly crowned Turaki of Ilorin  contributions  to nation-building is never in doubt and  has been conscientious in politics, and painstaking in humanitarian services. This is not only restricted to the people of Ilorin Emirate alone, but the whole spread of Kwara State and in Nigeria as a whole.

With the growing apathy against the ruling party and with many power blocs locked in a battle of supremacy, Mustapha Saliu could just be the neutral option to steady the ship of the party and appeal to general public because of his decent politics, maturity and candor which portray him as a rare breed amongst the pack. 

While it is a widely acknowledged fact that he belongs to the Congress for Progressive Change(CPC) family  of APC, leadership and reign as party Chairman is expected to be stable and non contentious because of his great sense of fairness, comportment and also being  result oriented. 

It is noteworthy that while his candidacy does not have so much buzz in the media space, his love and massive followership among party faithful across the country is evident on social media. 

I must say that if he emerges victorious after the contest, APC will go into the next dispensation with no rancor and a united house.

  • Saka, a senior partner in Lambert & Curtis sent this piece from Lagos
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