One Of My Colleagues In Office Once Taunted Me He Was Skillful At Impregnating Ladies During My 12 Years Of Barrenness –Mother Of Triplets

Mrs Temidola Ladeinde and her husband, Olukayode, who welcomed a set of triplets after 12 years of being married without a child, have revealed what they went through about their struggles and triumph

Speaking in a interview with The Punch, Mrs  Ladeinde, fondly called EMATS by friends, said “I’m a certified HR specialist. I love my job with passion.”

Explaining what she went through, she said; “Hmnnn… This is a tricky question. I won’t say I was strong throughout the journey; no. There were different emotions of faith and expectations but there were also moments of despair, helplessness and feeling overwhelmed. There were days of unhindered happiness and there were days of uncontrollable tears. But there was no month that I didn’t feel disappointed. I had reasons to give up but I never stopped hoping.”

She, however said a conversation with a colleague in office was quite challenging.

According to Mrs Ladeinde, a colleague was boasting to her how virile he was at impregnating women during her travails.

“Interesting , it was someone telling me about how virile he is with impregnating women. I had just joined a new organisation and one of the employees that I met there (a non-Nigerian) unsuspectingly asked me of my marital status and subsequently boasted of how good his record is. He said to me: “If I were your husband, you would have been pregnant by now.” And on and on he went, telling me of his “fathering capability.”

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