Our Emergency Services At Abuja Airport Effective, Efficient—FAAN

January 3, 2022

Press Release 

Re: Passengers lament lack of emergency services at Abuja Airport as man collapses

With respect to a video making the rounds on social media, where a passenger about to board an Air Peace flight from Abuja collapsed, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) hereby notifies the general public that the passenger in question received immediate attention , as a FAAN officer, Mr. Ajani immediately revived the unconscious passenger by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the passenger before the arrival of the medical team, which arrived shortly after to administer first aid treatment and subsequently evacuated the passenger to the Airforce Base clinic. 

FAAN will like to use this opportunity to appreciate feedbacks we are getting to drive and improve our processes. We appeal to  stakeholders to always be orderly and proactive  in the face of emergency situations as on that day, a Port Health officer  on duty was intimidated and hindered from assisting the sick passenger. Interference, threats  and agitations only undermine the focus on saving lives, and further slowing emergency response process.

Additionally, we also do appeal that please, the privacy of any distressed  person(s) in our facilities be always respected by desisting from just merely watching, and recording such persons for public broadcast. To succeed in resolving emergencies, we do  need more hands on deck, than on phone. 

FAAN…… Committed to our core values of Safety, Security and Comfort. 

Henrietta Yakubu (Mrs.)

General Manager, Corporate Affairs.

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