Magodo Land Dispute: Sanwo-Olu’s Action Amount To Grandstanding, Incitement Against Consituted Authority-Ajulo

By Kayode Ajulo

The context and the background leading to Gov. Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State face-off with the Chief Superintendent of Police at the Magodo Estates needs to be further interrogated.

In all sincerity, the Governor, I must say is misguided, his extant action at the estates amount to grandstanding, incitement against constituted authority, and an attempt to subvert the cause of Justice.

Only in our clime this could happened. The Governor and his government are parties in the matter, in fact they’re Judgment debtors.

What’s expected of the Governor by his Oath of office is to ensure that the judgment of the court is executed or find a way of appeasing the Judgment Creditors, that’s enduring that justice is done to all parties.

Whereas he is seen giving contrary order to the Judgment enforcement team lead by the CSP in a way to compromise the interests of the Judgment creditors.

Save for his immunity, he ought to be arrested and charged for contempt of the court.

Kudos to the police officer for his professionalism.

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