Help! People Have Created Big Business Around The Bandits… A Bottle Of Coke Is N1000 Naira, Loaf Of Bread N2000

They Even Take Women To Bandits For Fees—Zamfara Commissioner 

Ibrahim Dosara, Zamfara State Commissioner for Information has raised an alarm that there’s huge business around the bandits in the state.

Speaking on a current affairs program on Arise Tv, The Morning Show, on Friday, Dosara said a bottle of Coca Cola that is sold for 150 Naira is sold for 1000 Naira in the Bandits enclave, while a loaf of bread that goes for 400 Naira is sold for 2000 Naira.

Dosara who painted a gloomy picture about the marauding Bandits said some people also Make huge money taking women to them for the bandits enjoyment.

He maintained that the reason why it’s difficult to tackle the bandits headlong was that people have created a huge business around them.

He, however, said though the military moved swiftly when a Help was sought during the invasion of Zamfara recently where over 200 lost their lives and houses were razed , but the it lacked the necessary modern equipment to confront the bandits who were in large numbers.

According to Dosara, about 4000 bandits stormed Anka and unleashed mayhem on the people.

It will be recalled that over 200 people were killed during the invasion and the villages burned down. 

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