Tribunal Upholds Elegushi Kingdomship Over Maiyegun, Says Family Has No Royal Roots 

The attempt by Maiyegun Family of Eti Osa local government to  reverse their judicial fortunes with a pending appeal  at the Supreme Court  failed again as the Kingdom and Supreme Authority of the Oba Elegushi of Ikateland over the land and chieftaincy in Mayegun in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, has been upheld by the State Standing Tribunal of Inquiry into Chieftaincy Matters chaired by Hon. Justice Titilola Ojikutu- Oshode, sitting at Ikeja.

This was after thorough investigation into the claims of a self styled prince Rahmon Adetunji Laani Maiyegun and a purported ” Maiyegun Royal Family” praying for the creation and/or recognition of Oba Maiyegun Town, Eti-Osa Local Government of Lagos State. 

While this may seem an isolated matter which  borders on chieftancy matters and dispute,  there is a strong conviction  it is a conceived thought towards influencing the judiciary over a protracted legal tussle with the Elegushi Royal Family of a land dispute. A move which many believe was to help the Mayegun Family get through the backdoor what it had as the elevation of the Baale, to the status of Oba of Mayegun will bring a new dimension to claims of ownership of the land in dispute.

In the forty-paged report by the tribunal, members agreed that Mayegun family could not prove that they first settled in Maiyegun or have royal ancestry to enable the elevation. 

The Tribunal in its ruling held that evidences before it showed that it cannot recommend the creation or recognition of Oba of Maiyegun Town nor declaration of Abdul Rahmon  Adetunji Laani Mayegun to Obaship status.

While in its application to the tribunal, the Maiyegun Family claimed to be related to a purported  Prince Ajibosin, son of Iyunade, the daughter of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba race and also enjoy the support of other family houses or the majority in Maiyegun Town, it was established that the family has no such relationship and does not have the support of the other families or majority of the town. 

Other findings of the tribunal were that the applicant Rahmon  Adetunji Laani Mayegun to Obaship status failed to obtain the consent of Elegushi Royal Family of Ikate Land who is the consenting authority or the Chieftancy Committee, that the applicant did not comply with the Oba and Chief Laws of Lagos State and such non-compliance rendered its application void ab initio. 

Above all, it was emphatically established that the Maiyegun family are not royalty and do not  have blue blood flowing in their veins.

With these recommendations of the tribunal, it is evident the Maiyegun family has ran out of ideas and mischief as this may have laid to rest misrepresentation to the world  by  Maiyegun Family of their status under the Kingdom of the Elegushi Royal Family.

In 1994 to meet the yearnings of the Customary Landlords/Owners of the subject of Lagos State Global Acquisition in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State and to preserve the ethos of the villages so acquired, Lagos State Government excised different portions of land of various sizes to all the villages including Maiyegun as published in various Lagos State Gazettes.  The Land excised to Maiyegun is as contained and published in the Lagos State Government official Gazette. no. 27, Vol, 29 of Ikeja dated 1st September 1994 on Page 268.

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