Feul Scarcity:Federal Fire Service Cautions Nigerians On Storage Of Petrol At Home

By Bukar Bolori

The Ag. Controller General, Federal Fire Service (FFS), Dr Samson Karebo has called on Nigerians to avoid the storage of Premium Motor Spirits (PMS) also known as Petrol in their homes during this period of scarcity.

Karebo, in a signed press release by the spokesman of the Service, Abraham Paul reminded that petrol is a dangerous substance; a highly inflammable liquid which gives off vapour which if not handled carefully can cause serious fire explosion.

He said “Nigerians must resist the temptation of storing PMS in their homes or other confined places due to the current challenge of scarcity, as doing that will endanger their lives and that of others.”

He added that: “As we all know, children like to experiment, so storing PMS at home could be putting them at high risk especially if it is within their reach.”

He said invariably, there is always a risk of a fire outbreak or an explosion if there is a source of ignition nearby such as a naked flame, an electrical spark.

He warned that: “Nigerians must be very cautious and avoid any act which could lead to fire outbreak in their environment.”

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