Just In:  “I Am Not Contesting 2023 Presidential Election… God Has Already Elected Me”— Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Citadel Global Community Church, Lagos, has said he needs not to run during the 2023 presidential election because God has already elected him.

Bakare, who is currently not under the umbrella of any known political party, without mincing words, clearly stated:

“I am not running for elections; we will run the elections. Why? Because God has already elected me.”

The controversial Pastor, who seemed to be confusing not only his congregation about his position in the presidential race, but also every other Nigerian, is still very optimistic that he will be the 16th president of the nation; adding another troubling statement that, “if God has elected you, your time will come.”

He said, he became certain that someday he will run Nigeria since April 10, 1967, when he was just 13 years old.

Bakare is therefore emphatic that, “God initiated me into the race (since 1967) to fix Nigeria.”

He said, on his assumption to office as the 16th president, “he will slay all Goliath” embezzling the nation’s commonwealth.

The fiery clergy is also of the opinion that, “there is a way man runs for power and there is a way God gives power.”

In Bakare’s words: “I am not looking for power but power is looking for us; and because we have spiritual power, it will translate into political power.”

He is however of the opinion that, if God will use any man, let Him use him; but that he has no personal political ambition in the 2023 presidential elections.

The lawyer turned cleric emphasized that, “my trust, hope, confidence, and expectations are rooted firmly in God.”

“I sleep well because my confidence is in God. However, if He (God) will use any man, let Him use me.”

Bakare, who is aware that his controversial statements do annoy people, “my statements have annoyed so many people…” he said, to his congregation to now wear their dancing shoes because “the day (of being the 16th president) is here; with an addendum that, “I am transiting from shepherding the flocks to shepherding the nation.”

He again reminded Nigerians that, because leadership positions are temporary, political office holders should make good use of their time while in office to better the lots of the masses and stop syphoning the country’s resources with the prayer that, may God visit any political leader, past and present for the havoc done to the economy.

Referring to himself, Pastor Tunde Bakare said, “the 16th is around the corner who will reveal all things stolen in Nigeria.”

Source: Sarahreports.com 

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